Hakai no Miko


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A very ordinary high school student in modern Japan, Kizaki Souma, was summoned to a different world by someone.
In that world that oppressed demi humans, Souma decides to fight against the human countries for the sake of saving the beastmen, who helped him, by using his knowledge from manga and games.

This is the story of a boy that becomes 「 Soma Kisaki, the Divine Son of Death and Destruction 」who is going to be called a slaughterer and the history’s worst destroyer in the future

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God's Son of Destruction
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New Rosver rated it
September 6, 2019
Status: --
It has it strengths like the well developed setting of this incredibly rich and vast world and the story's grand ambition on tackling a story of an epic scale and hard themes. The are some issues like some shallow characters that kinda ruins the depth the story is trying to and the dumb spoilers that ruins the tension and suspense.

But the story's greatest fault is in how it handles it themes.

The author is so blunt and clumsy when it comes to handling of the story's themes. One that most annoys... more>> me most are the gods, specifically the god of humans and goddess of death and destruction. Here is where the author is at the most clumsy. The god of humans is irredeemable, maybe the author's commentary on humans. The goddess of death and destruction is wishy-washy who just keeps appearing to speak empty platitudes which reflects the author's very shallow understanding of death and destruction.

The author just don't have much deep understanding of the themes that the story tries to tackle. It kinda feels like these themes are tacked on in the hopes that the story would feel deep and meaningful, only that, it fails to be.

Though, I have to give credit, the author did try and the author do try to tackle these heavy themes respectfully even if the author falls short in the end.

Overall, this story is still a great read if you can forgive the author's ineptness in tackling the story's themes and few other elements. The author definitely put thought and heart into this story and that to me makes this story worth a read. <<less
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LNTB rated it
July 20, 2018
Status: c13
Sick of seeing reviews at 3 chapters read...

Anyway, here's my review. First on this site, may do more based on reception. Will also update this as I read more, up until I either drop it or it's completed/dropped by translator (s). Summary at the bottom.

This novel really gives me mixed feelings. On one hand, it has an engaging plot, characters that actually behave like, well, living beings, and it has some decent world building (not too much not too little).

On the other hand, the actual writing is of poor quality,... more>> ruining the potential that Hakai no Miko carries.

It's like some fifteen year old came up with a great story, but as (s) he's fifteen, he lacks the writing experience necessary to properly convey this great tale he's come up with.

The foreshadowing is terrible, as it reveals not just future events but also the general direction that Hakai no Miko will take, ruining the potential build-up of the story. It's like the author got overly excited about his own story and wanted to show off how "epic" it is, only to then ruin it with these teases of this "epic" tale.

The dialogue is unnatural, and doesn't really flow well. A lot of the characters' dialogue feels rather forced, the same can be said for the paragraphs that describe the thoughts of said characters.

And most noticeably, the descriptions. While I can't say with any certainty it's entirely the author that's at fault here, it seems quite likely considering the overall poor writing of the novel that clearly is not a result of the translator (s). There's loads of short and simple adjectives used to describe things, with these descriptions often being unnecessarily lengthy and sometimes even redundant. Many of the descriptors aren't placed well either, disrupting the flow (and for myself, immersion) of the novel. A brief example of this poor writing would be:

... yelled at a suspiciously acting young warrior who seems to harbour feelings of guilt in his heart. (Chapter 12)


The description of guilt in his heart doesn't even make sense, as from the perspective of the first character, there's nothing written to show that he can see something that makes this character look guilty. Nothing like a downcast face, or blatant hesitation. That's just focusing on a small part of the sentence, the entire thing is poorly done.

Overall, my opinion towards this novel is the following:

Currently, I can't recommend it. If the author's writing skills pick up in the future chapters, or the LN gets translated and shows experienced writing, then I think I'll then be able to confidently recommend this as a great novel. Until then, it's just wasted potential. In saying that, if you can tolerate poor writing skills (I'm sure most of you can, given the amount of MTL and overall bad novels), give it a go. You may like it. Just don't expect something amazing. <<less
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Unrivaledfury rated it
August 23, 2018
Status: c1.25
I have read over 400+ novels. And Is I could not bear with the low ratings, I have made a novel updates account. Don't judge this novel just by reading few chapters. This one is refreshing as it gives a totally different experience than your standard cringy Isekai novels. The world is vast with well defined characters and profound interactions. I love how how they foreshadow things as in a narrative and give us a little peek at future events without spoiling it. Ill try not to spoil. Though this... more>> is not a tragedy, the MC will go through hard times. And I love how he starts off cornered with little resources and walks a difficult path. I recommend this to readers of "Dungeon defense" and "Your and my asylum". Also there are furries, elves and dragons and various other races. Give it a shot guys, good reading! <<less
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Nyamu rated it
March 26, 2019
Status: c59
Its a 'good' story that is kind of fresh. Unlike most, there are no harems here and the 'romance' as of chapter 59 feels 'realistic' both ways. (Fictional race's culture reasons) The humans have also been portrayed quite 'realistically' (We are a racist, arrogant and religiously influenced species, don't even try to deny it) Main character DOES get an 'ability' but it is not something that would help him in any way unlike every other OP hero stories.

Now, let us talk about the so called low rating because 'spoilers'. I... more>> don't see any spoilers tbh. Calling him the history's worst destroyer is literally part of the title "God's Son of Destruction" Who else do you think it's referring to? Saying he is extremely 'cruel', is made in the point of view of humans, which were his enemies. Saying that he 'won' as spoilers is also stupid. If he 'lost' then he wouldn't be a main character and there would be no story. Of course this story also has its faults. Like every other strategy stories there would be 'chess matches' where you play both sides and then you make one 'lose on purpose'. <<less
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General Tanya
General Tanya rated it
October 28, 2018
Status: c30
I will only give points for the author interesting idea, world structure and decent way of writing. But story is so boring. And this whole concept of MC saving the other race is so stupid. This so called race he rescue is beyond retarded, savage and have a IQ of a kid. Having them being exterminated would have been better. They are so stupid it's a miracle they survive that long. There is literally nothing likable or interesting about them. Is the way the author try to introduce the MC... more>> and other characters is so hard to like. Plus what's with all the spoilers in the beginning? But I do admit this novel at least is decent that all those isekai novels these days, but I really wish the author at least try to make everyone a little smarter. A war novel should be a proper war novel. Not a amateur one. If author can't write war novels, he should have chosen a different theme. It had potential but author is not up to the task for this kind of mature novel. The most stupid thing I though was when MC was rescue from prison by a beastman that single-handedly infiltrate a human fortress without being notice or injured, while at the same time be so incompetent when leading his people. What amaze me the most is how easily this modern society Japanese kid that has learn to be a good person all his life could easily adapted to that world. The biggest error author did was to announce in the prologue what kind of person the MC was and just how legendary his quests were in the future. Don't start promising a mansion to someone when you haven't even lay the foundation of the house yet. Because author promise too much and would not be able to deliver it. He gave too much expectation to the readers. This kind of writing only works if the story is short and author already mapped out the complete plot in his head and have a ending. <<less
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Paps rated it
August 24, 2018
Status: c1.22
This novel has a slow star, the author is taking his time to build up the MC personality, and shift of enviorement that brings been summoned to a different harsh world to person his age. And I have to say that he has been doing a great job at it. This world is harsh, cruel, foreign and full of wonder to the MC, he guets dragged forcefully and the expierence almost kill him. He is facing a completely different reality and needs to find his way to adjusting to it.... more>> If you are looking at a sligthly new take on been summoned I recommend it to you. But as I said it is slow, the progress won't turn the kid into the man his future reputation leaves overnigth, it will take time for him to create his myth and as everything in history his accountings migth be exagerated or underplayed. <<less
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Vidolin rated it
August 22, 2018
Status: c1.21
Ok so, basically this is the history of a kid being transported to another world where fantasy bigotry won.

Humans are on a campaign to exterminate other races because racism. It's immediately established that this isn't a "both sides have a point" issue, so we have a good hearted protagonist having to cope with the fact that there is no peaceful solution for this problem, and being forced to grow throughout the conflict.

Good story, really like the main character so far, the mythology of the world is interesting, and the conflicts... more>> in it are a mix of complex and stupid (just like real life!). Besides, it's aways nice watching a MC crush a system that preaches racial supremacy. <<less
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September 6, 2018
Status: c1.22
Do yourselves a favor, read the author's note in the start of the prologue and see if it's for you.

No magic, no skills, no jobs, no status and no harem...This is a story about him being called the history’s worst destroyer.

If it is, then I have one piece of advice. When you see the author's spoilers (in the form of stuff like "and in the future『blah blah blah』everyone remembered this『thing』and here's a『spoiler』to ruin the suspense"), just scroll past it. I'm absolutely serious! Although it seems to be the... more>> style of the novel itself and part of the author's intent, I found that it detracted more from the novel than it added. It was delivered in such a way that it ruined, rather than gave suspense. [opinions]JUST. SCROLL. PAST.[/opinion]. Read at your own discretion.

As for the story, it does carry the some of the feelings of a typical JP isekai, especially ones from a few years ago, but it is far enough from the tropes that it doesn't read like a straight-to-anime script, unlike many, many other JP-WNs which are all carbon copies of each other. No herbivorous invertebrate puppet MC with random bouts of being a sexual predator, none of that garbage.

But seriously, just skip the spoilers, they are easy to spot. Don't even indulge in curiosity and have a skim. Just ignore them. <<less
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Anemology rated it
August 23, 2018
Status: v1c21
A great story so far none of that excessive wish fulfillment mess or extreme overpowered abilities. Hopefully the story will maintain the same level of quality.
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Lanboy rated it
July 30, 2019
Status: v1c72.5
This story is incredibly well written and built upon a well defined world.

As it is an reincarnation story, it is placed in the balancing act between pacing and exposition; but unlike many others which fails at this act. This story is very well paced meanwhile giving exposition in context and natural (mostly)

Its premise is really good and it's characters are well written (most of them) it has total control of it's consistency and never exalts the main character for actions unnecessary of such praise.

However there is one crippling... more>> flaw that is well hidden by the author: you will know how the story ends due to the occasional chapter segment that is in the perspective of the future. Which can kill the tension in the story at times, even though it is so well written. Which is disheartening because the story will become either boring or terribly bland knowing the MC will prevail.

If you wish to enjoy this story to the upmost, never read the parts that will quite literally tell you the future of the rebellion and take your time when reading this to enjoy the detail in it. <<less
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PandoraTiger rated it
June 23, 2019
Status: c71
+5 For this novel and the translation.

Another hidden gem on Isekai-genre, it didn't get much attention comparing to other isekai, but it was actually good to read.

-MC doesn't possess any Super Power/Hidden Power, MC doesn't have any Harem around him, Ratio between the Male and Female Characters/Side-Characters are same.

... more>> -MC using his Modern Knowledge to gain a victory on every war (He is not making any Modern food / Cheat Weapon like Gun or Dynamite or something like that) He just using strategy that led him and his allies to victory.

-The Story itself is about War, Kingdom / Empire Building, and Strategy. Taking a place in Medieval Period, this Novel told about a little guy whose helping Non-human (zoan) creature from Annihilation by human, because most of Non-human in this era are Brainless and only care about Individual Power. Later on, created a Kingdom where everyone can live together without any difference.

-Hakai no Miko have different Writing style from usual JP. Novel, because on some chapter you will see spoiler about what happen in the future, the Author trying to give a Historical/Heroic vibe writing-style for his novel.

Overall this is a Great novel, Still waiting for the next update, Really love it <3 <<less
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ReadingSoul rated it
May 27, 2018
Status: c2
I wonder why chapter one has part of the prologue and was the end of it a spoiler as for how the story ends? Thb I'm not sure why that was in the chapter nor do I enjoy when stories have something like that

I hope they work chapter one into the story right or them just killing off how he got into the other world will just feel wrong (or was it this worlds people have no magic and a the truck-sama god send him?)

anyway who cares about... more>> the novel what I wanna know is

"The God of Beasts was born from His genitals."

Is he a beast in bed?

(I gave myself aids typing that I hope your happy)

(side note I change my ratings a lot so don't get upset over it) <<less
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May 9, 2018
Status: c1
Currently, just after finishing translating the first chapter, I'm giving the story a rating of 4 Stars.

Overall, the story is a lot more refined and the writing is less than horrid from what I was expecting from an Isekai novel. I wouldn't compare it to, say Overlord, but it's definitely a decent read thus far, granted I was somewhat liberal in my translations to prevent the story sounding cancerous at some parts.

... more>>

So, the first chapter starts out with the main character getting transported whilst in his home. Afterward, he appears in an underground temple to a quote-unquote "Evil God" worshipped by heretics. After the heretics are what I would consider carefully introduced by the author with a good amount of detail, the author then kills them off, basically pulling a bold move as if the story were Game of Thrones. From there, the rest of the chapter is kind of used to world build, leaving the reader confused as what came about the MC while everything went down around him.

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Nvelist rated it
July 26, 2017
Status: prologue
A world where the Gods let their creations walk and live freely but the humans become much more what they deserved from and that leads to bitterness and never ending greed. The gods let the humans deprive the world and sough other races cornering them into oblivion. Until a human came and sided with the non-human race marching in to the destruction of everything to survive and end all greeds.
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