Green Hills and Flowing Water


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When Lan Huirong, a woman dressed as a man, was paying respect to her mother by the Huishui River, she unexpectedly met Prince Ning, the fourth prince of the Eastern Empire, who was patrolling incognito, and the young marquis of Prince Mu’s Mansion and involved herself in an old vendetta from the martial arts world.

For the sake of her mother’s last will, Lan Huirong changed her name to Fang Qing and joined Prince Mu’s army to seek the “iron talisman” but gradually developed feelings for Kong Xuan, the commander of the army. Then the Western Barbarians attacked. Lan Huirong risked her life to fight, gaining fame with her sword, but was taken away by Qiu Tianxing, commander of the Eastern Barbarians. Kong Xuan used a smart stratagem to rescue Rong’er, and the two became kindred spirits from then on. However, when they went back to Tanzhou, the emperor of the Eastern Dynasty forced Rong’er. Meanwhile, Kong Xuan was poisoned, his life being in danger, because he had taken Qiu Tianxing’s poison to save Rong’er.

In order to find the antidote and to completely escape this forced marriage, Lan Huirong and Kong Xuan went through all kinds of hardships and trials to find the treasure for which everyone was fighting for. Can they get the antidote as they hope and fulfill their dream of “one heart for a lifetime, never leaving each other”? When walking to the end of the stream, you can see how beautiful the green hills are.

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