Gradually Reaching Paradise


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‘O coveter of god’s powers, I impart upon you the curse of death!’

Death… Gart couldn’t help but laugh, pressing his forehead against his palm.

He was already burdened with a curse far more terrifying. Immortality plagued him—he wouldn’t succumb to death, he wouldn’t age. The unending agony relentlessly crushed his body and mind. His long future stretched out, bleak and unchanging, perhaps eternal.

On a day when the torment of his curse was particularly intense, a woman appeared in the moonlight. Despite entering through the window, she didn’t strike the image of an intruder. Calmly, she aimed a dagger and declared, “Stay still, and I won’t harm you.”

Gart tilted his head, unthreatened, and observed her pink eyes shimmering even in the darkness. “Your eyes are quite beautiful,” he remarked, disregarding the warning as he moved closer.

“If you approach any further, I will truly kill you.”

Gart peered into her eyes.

The woman’s pupils quivered as she pointed the blade toward his heart.

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이윽고 낙원에 이르러
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wookraeth rated it
September 26, 2023
Status: --
Once again, the author and their heavy plot and background! My glossary is already filled and we haven't even found the main conflict yet 🤣

The author deserves every penny of your support. At this point I'd buy everything with their pen on it 👏

Okay, so it starts slow--beeeery slow with laying all the background, which is massive. Compared to the Author's first novel, the comedy's not so obvious though still exists. The atmosphere feels more "solemn", or perhaps I've not read enough chapters. The narration is done better than... more>> Shadowless Night, it captivates you with the details--the beautiful scene, the nature of the characters, the fleshed-out gory details. You get me? Fleshed-out? 🤣 It can get boring and overwhelming for some people, but each chapter consists only 1.6-2k English words, so although it might seem long, it isn't, truly.

I'd say you give this a try because it's my choice of pro- <<less
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nivifer rated it
March 22, 2024
Status: c41
Stunning work of art. This author knows the power of words- they are beautiful, and they wield them like weapons. I'd recommend this novel to any and everyone. I was in awe from the first chapter alone, the worldbuilding is solid, the characters fascinating, and each descriptor paints a clear image in the reader's head. It is not hard for me to picture the land the characters reside in, their faces, their demeanours and behaviours. The author knows their world and their characters very well.

Despite novels with similar writing, I... more>> find it difficult to get tired or get bored of the novel as many novels that are grand fantasies similar to this one can make you snooze. Say, Lord of the Rings. [many may be offended, but I could not even entertain the idea of reading those books] Each word has a purpose, and its meanings were never lost. I could only dream of writing something in a similar vein. Kudos to this author. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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