Give You My Heart


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The three and a half-year-old Lin Cheng was rubbing a cat at home when mother Lin ran in, “Cheng! Your Aunt Xiu has given birth to a baby!”

Lin Cheng opened his eyes wide, given birth to a baby?

Listening to the adult talking, Cheng, who was laying on his stomach on top of his father’s leg, crawled forward with all his might. Younger sister, younger sister, I want to see younger sister!

Lin father held and carried him up, and so Lin Cheng had his wish to see the younger sister fulfilled.

“Waaaaa~”Lin Cheng wailed.

“What happened, Cheng?”

Lin Cheng pointed at the small round dumpling, “You shaved the cat’s hair!”


After a month.

Cheng blinked, staring at the saliva flowing from the tender and fair dumpling. This is, this is……. The hairless cat?

Lightly poked it with his finger, Cheng breathed and smiled foolishly.

The cat was out of favor! Cheng liked this hairless cat more!

A collection of snippets depicting the sweet evolution of two childhood sweethearts.

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tedy2004 rated it
January 6, 2021
Status: Completed
It's okey to pass time reading it.

Lesson of the story: have two friendly families get their children to familiarize with each other and a chance might be for them to marry.
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Anastrisha rated it
July 3, 2021
Status: Completed
It's very short. It doesn't even talk much how they fall inlove but just show how ML is used to taking care FL, and FL used to being pampered.

Though quite a nice change when most stories I been reading always look down on childhood sweethearts. 😂
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