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He’s married to his superior who’s 12 years older than him.

When Xin Rong turned 21 this year, he got married to his superior, Shao Chengyun, who sits at the top of the hierarchy. A piece of contractual paper stated their pre-marriage properties, post-marriage rights, and also a divorce that would follow after a year.

Xin Rong thought that he was wearing his heart on his sleeve, as cautious as ever while fulfilling the conditions of the contract. But even after an entire year of being married, neither him nor Shao Chengyun had ever once said the word ‘love’ to each other.

On the day of the contract expiration, Xin Rong packed his bags and was getting ready to leave in silence, but he was stopped at the door by a Shao Chengyun who had rushed back home…

A conservative and arrogant top x A strong and beautiful bottom with a bumpy family background.

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Jie Hun Zhe Jian Xiao Shi
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Jan 10, 2023
Status: c69
So the MTL I read only has the main 69ch, no extra included.

If you dislike dub-con (rape), skip this one.

In short, the gong is a possesive-control maniac dam**ss. Ofc if you compare with his past exp, there's a reasoning, altho not solid. And our lil shou is pitiful considering his past exp even after meeting the gong.

... more>>gong was told he won't pass age 33 if he doesn't marry shou, and he was said to caused his big bro's dead, so I'm assuming it's where he got his control freak habit. Tbh, this one is a lil too sadistic psychologically for me. Gong literally abused shou when he knows shou has deep affection for him. But he treat it for granted, and tried to even lock him with no refusal allowed. To shou, gong is his first love that gave him back his happiness after his mother died, so it was tragic bcause it's all manipulation to made him unable to break free from gong.

The pull and push after the layer shattered is agonizing for both of them. This time gong finally realized he has feeling for shou, but shou has woke up from his sweet dream, broken and want to end the relationship.

They finally break through probably when gong got sick, and shou finally decide to really have space between them, and was finalized when shou got into an accident. I can feel both of them will be together after all. Gong has figured things out and shou has matured and unknotted his heart.

Now the meh, there's not really any love rival worth the mentioning. The college friend just went missing after the confession. Dong ge also doesn't have any story, except for occasional appearance here and there. So the story only revolves around the couple's quarrel, both physical and mentally. <<less
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Sep 14, 2023
Status: Completed
I thought the ML is not a scumbag. But he was. He hurt MC, he takes the MC for granted. ML even r*pe the MC, blackmailed the MC using a child (not there child, the one MC adopted in the end). Though ML realize he likes MC, still I was hoping the MC will not get back with him.

... more>>

They are separated for almost 3 yrs. MC just realize he really want to be together with his first love (ML) after the incident in the hotel abroad. ML took care of him during his recovery from the incident.


The Manhwa looks light hearted and romantic even the first few chapters of the novel, but the more you goes deeper. You'll realize the ML is a scumbag.

MTLed the remaining chapters of the novel, readable for me. <<less
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Jul 11, 2023
Status: c9
Classic picture of "power dynamics" and how the one with power uses it to force someone into a relationship. It gave me the ick feeling from the start ngl.

If you want examples why..."Shao Chengyun is not a person who acts impulsively. He also has a gentleman's side. He likes tacit relationships, and has never forced the other party in love affairs." Let's unpack this hypocrite and the author's attempt to whitewashing him like they think the readers are dumb:

  1. When the MC rejected his marriage proposal, he told the manager that he was staying on the boat and that to tell the MC that he was gonna sleep in his cabin tonight. (Force example 1)
  2. The ML makes him go into his room at night (even tho the MC asks to talk outside) with a stern tone. The ML just decides that the MC is his personal assistant for this week and for him to sleep in the guest room. The entire time the MC feels angry inside but doesn't want to lose his job. (Force example 2)
  3. There are multiple sentences of the MC just trying to deal with the situation as lightly as possibly so he can still keep his job on the boat after the boat docks again in 5 days. (MC is basically saying he's powerless and doesn't want to lose his job by being too refusing)
  4. When they both go out for entertainment, the ML gets turned on by the MC's excitement gambling and asks for a drink that is sweet which masks the high alcohol level for the MC and steadily getting him tipsy/drunk. (Force example 3) so f*cking ick here
  5. The MC goes out to get some air. The ML corners him there and asks if he has someone he likes already, while thinking that hypocritical sentence I posted at the start. The MC says no he's never been in love. And THAT MY FRIEND was enough consent for this ML to just force a deep kiss on him. (Force example 4)
I can not anymore. This is simply not for me. If you're into this uh ok sure. But if you're not in use of power dynamics, then I suggest you dodge like I am rn.
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