Gentle Forest


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Seowon, born with fragile lungs, chose to leave the city behind, finding home in the forest alongside his father.

One summer, the tranquility of their secluded life is briefly interrupted when Mr. Johnson, a friend of Seowon’s father, and his son Aiden come for a visit.
As the fathers embark on a hiking vacation, Seowon and Aiden find themselves alone in the quiet forest.

Seowon easily opens his heart to Aiden, who truly cares for him like his father, However, their bond takes an unexpected turn as Aiden’s affections surpass the boundaries of friendship. Despite Seowon’s initial shyness, he finds himself unable to resist.

When he first became aware of his ‘friend’ who was a ‘man’ he didn’t feel any repulsion even though he happened to hug and kiss him.

Eventually, they find themselves crossing a line that shouldn’t have been crossed during that heated summer.

Unexpectedly, a problem arises during their time together, exacerbated by Aiden’s return to the United States, putting a significant 12-hour distance between them. Ironically, this ‘issue’ accelerates the reunion of the two.

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젠틀 포레스트
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