Genius Corpse-Collecting Warrior


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[Retrieved the corpse of a shabby mercenary. Inheriting abilities.] [Inheritance Reward: Strength +1, Skill +1, Dehaman’s Armor Combat (D)]

In a world within a game facing destruction.

Dallen is searching for the corpses of characters he had played.

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A genius corpse-collecting warrior.
cheonjaejeog-in sichesujib jeonsa
망겜의 시체줍는 천재전사
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    1 Review

    Dec 05, 2023
    Status: c7
    Came here from the manhwa. The premise of the story is interesting. MC is transported into a game he played and he gets stronger by absorbing the corpses of the characters he played in the game. Just he has to go to the actual place to get the corpse. It's interesting that the author has used a game gimmick for storytelling. I never thought that going back to collect loot from your corpse could be used as a story idea

    Interesting so far 3.5

    The manhwa art is a bonus
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