Geek Mob Mercenary Knows His Place (WN)


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“Why does everyone pay attention to me when all I want is to be a ‘mob’!?”

In the Galactic Empire, a vast nation encompassing 70% of habitable planets in the cosmos, John Wuzos worked as a mercenary. He considered himself an “otaku” and a “mob” and tried to live each day in tranquility, adhering to the motto of “knowing his place and staying out of the spotlight.” Consequently, he always tried to avoid any events that could lead to trouble!

However, inexplicably, the protagonist characters around him kept self-destructing one after another…!

No matter the request, Wuzos strived to remain a mob, but…

“I’ll put it simply. Would you consider switching sides and joining me?”

“Could you come to my team as a staff member?”

Thanks to his dedication to being a mob, he had honed swift and accurate judgment and an unwavering mental fortitude. Some people even referred to him with awe as “dust on the ground.” Now, those who sought to exploit his covert abilities began to emerge…?

Unbeknownst to him, a thrilling space fantasy unfolds, led by an unwittingly capable mob mercenary. And so, the curtains rise!

Associated Names
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Geeky mob mercenaries know their place.
Kimootamobu yōhei wa, minohodo o ben (waki ma) eru
キモオタモブ傭兵は, 身の程を弁(わきま)える
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Hazery rated it
August 10, 2023
Status: c119
The premise and synopsis of the series actually hooked me up that I start reading it, but after chapter 24 I kinda lost interest on the novel, what makes me keep reading it because the chapter is short, after chapter 40 onward a single chapter will only contain like 500-550 word average so you'll finish reading it fast.

Battle scene is average at best, sometimes I don't know who is doing what and even don't understand what is the protagonist doing that earn him major contribution, even the author have said... more>> in chapter 30 that he's not good at writing battle chapter so I can excuse it.

What makes me lost interest is that there's really nothing interesting in the novel. The plot of the story can be summarized like this :

1. Protag accept new request.

2. Noble/Hero with bad behaviour badmouthing mc

3. Noble/Hero does something s*upid in battle.

4. MC earn contribution.

5. MC talk with some good looking woman, everyone sh*t on him that he should not talk with the woman, repeat point 1.

Having some conflict is fine, but when it keep going like this over and over again, even up to the newest chapter i've read. What makes this painful is that MC usually completed the request in just like 5-6 chapter average, i've lost count how many bad Noble/Hero that have been introduced that repeat their arrogant behaviour over and over again.

Oh and the constant pov switch, it's extremely annoying when the pov constantly switched, especially during the battle, making it harder to track what's happening in it. <<less
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cosners rated it
August 5, 2023
Status: c13
So far, this novel is something different than a power fantasy. It's almost like an "average everydude" fantasy, space mercenary edition. Sure, John Uzos has been in the mercenary game a while and knows what he's doing, but there are certainly other mercs with much better skills, experience, and equipment than him, so he tends to get by taking the safer jobs (Which, don't get me wrong, are still dangerous because it's mercenary work.) However, it gives a feeling of someone who graduated college but then in the workforce kinda... more>> gets stuck in a mid level role but isn't too unhappy about it so long as he's getting paid, which is HUGELY relatable to me.

He does have higher luck in the sense that protagonist-esque events arrive at his doorstep, but as a seasoned mercenary he knows that they're just bad news so he puts his all into dodging them like he dodges lasers in his beater of a spaceship. In between occurrences, we get to see what his daily life is like both on and off the jobs. I'd love if the author did more to delve into those aspects, but given the synopsis, I think the story will eventually throw something at the MC that he can't dodge and we'll be back in cliche world.

So far though, it's worth a read. <<less
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