[GB] Eternal Love


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You and I were loyal to each other until we realized our s*xual orientations.

From the age of twelve to twenty-five, this long, plain, and comfortable relationship began to change from unsatisfactory to something else.

Then came the qualitative change.


[Key Points] GB novel, female top and male bottom, fourth love

A cold and strong-willed, unfeeling S-type mature woman X a gentle and cunning M-type young man with glasses.

This is a story about someone who pursues high-quality s*x and is willing to wait for the right person — a pure individual who thought he was sexually frigid but opened the door to a new world.

It’s also a story of a gentle, cunning, and deep-loving young man with glasses who awakened to his s*xual orientation and finally conquered the cold and strong-willed, unfeeling demon king.

It’s a story of friends becoming lovers, with a realistic approach, short length, and a happy ending.

The main story is relatively mild in terms of plot, relying on flashbacks to support the story.

The three extra chapters are heartfelt and emotional.

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2 Reviews

New chande
Apr 10, 2024
Status: Completed
My thought after reading this story: what a pity that the main story was so short. Yes, the story mostly told about FL and ML's se*ual life. However, what interest me more was their journey before finding and loving each other because it was so heartwarming to read. I couldn't comment much on the sm*t since their s*x wasn't a normal one. Maybe some people would enjoy it but I feel that it was more like what would happen in BL novel instead of BG so I didn't enjoy it... more>> much. <<less
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Dec 02, 2023
Status: Completed
I just added a tag that this smut story is BD*M. I'm sorry, I don't know if the BD*M tag was a spoiler?

Anyway, particularly this is definitely not my cup of tea, I don't find any kind of pain pleasurable.

Of course, I respect people that feels excited and sexually complete while being hurt or people that get aroused while inflicting pain but clearly when both parties consent that behavior. Is just a matter of preference, and I respect and understand that.

I just don't like reading about that, and that's it.... more>> So I don't recommend this novel when thinking about the Sadomasochism and Masochism part.

But I really recommend this novel because of the plot, especially the main story that is very short. Since the smut parts only start in the extra chapters.

I really recommend because of what really amazed me in this novel is about the story of the main couple...


... they were both still confused about their s*xual orientation.

Male lead Wen Mian...


... always considered him as being homosexual, since he had a platonic relationship with his dancer partner for many years. He tried date a girl, but definitely didn't work out.


Female lead Cheng Qin...


... though she was bis**ual. She dated a guy, but hated his physical touch. She dated a girl and couldn't open up emotionally. She thought she was just frigid.

Frigid: lacking s*xual desire, abnormally averse to s*xual interc**rse, used especially to describe women, or a female unable to achieve or**sm during s*xual interc**rse.

Merriam Webster


The main couple were middle school friends.


He was shy, timid, smart with glasses.

She was fierce, brave and extroverted.

He was bullied. She protected the bullied ones.

They became friends.

She confessed, he rejected because of his boy friend.

Many years later, it was his time to confess.

"Cheng Qin." - female lead

Wen Mian - male lead - called her name solemnly.

"There are many things hidden in my heart." He pointed to his chest. "But I always think, let's wait a little longer, let's wait and see... and then I wait and wait, often forgetting, and in the end, nothing happens."

He adjusted his glasses and smiled slightly.

"I don't want to wait anymore."


But definitely despite the interesting plot of the main couple, what really attracted me was the explanation of the male lead of why they should date.


Because he learned about the Chinese concept of Fourth Love.

As explained by the author and translator:

"Fourth love" is when one participant is biologically male, socially female and attracted to women, while the other is biologically female, socially male and attracted to men. The romantic relationship between the two is called fourth love. It can also be described as a fourth type of love different from the first (male/female), second (male/male) and third (female/female). Fourth love refers to a relationship and lifestyle of equality where the woman is active and the male passive and where they trade their social roles. In general terms, the woman takes the initiative, is generous and wishes to play the traditional role of a man in a relationship, while the man is gentle, considerate, likes the woman and is willing to play the traditional role of a woman as socially conceptualized. – Translated by Shockh

I so fell in love with this concept. So mind blowing by defying the concept of gender, that men should be stronger and protective, while women should be gentle and caring.

I also loved so much, that the main couple aren't heteros*xual or homosexual, but they have the fourth type of love. They both like each other independently of their gender. They just like each other for who they are. It's the kindest and purest type of love in my opinion, no matter who you are, male, female, strong and fierce or shy and caring, I accept and love you.


For me this story wasn't about the smut. Because the main story was so short and didn't have any smut at all, the smut scenes are in the extras.

So, the story for me was about "I accept and love you for who you are." <<less
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