From Cultivator to Widow


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At the age of 16, Su Hui changed from a high school student in the 21st century to a small baby with double spiritual roots named Su Yuan in a small immortal cultivation family in the Tian Yuan Continent.

Learning from the several transmigration novels she had read, Su Hui assumed that her journey would follow the same rhythm as that of a long novel in which the protagonist cultivates from the Qi refining stage to ascension, but…

In an expedition to a secret realm, just as she had finally succeeded in building a foundation, she suffered from a powerful attack. When she was about to lose her soul, she crossed again! Occupying the body of a stranger!

In the countryside of the 1970s, while touching the necklace obtained from the secret realm, Su Hui fell into contemplation.

Cultivators value karma. Now that she has occupied someone’s body, how should she repay this karma?

Then, one, two, three, and four turnip heads stood in front of her in a row, wailing: “Mom, I’m hungry!”

Su Hui: ” ….. “

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psychobee rated it
February 8, 2022
Status: Completed
The story more like slice of FL life in '70 to' 90. It's good if you want to read some '70 novel but not much drama. And this is a CP-FREE novel. FL just busy with her children and work.

For me it's good for light reading but also making me a little bored in the middle. Hoping for some romance but nothing.. Oh some romance about her children and brother in laws.. But not her.. Haha..

About how she transmigrated to a body of a widow whose husband just died in... more>> a mission. As a martir widow, she got compensation then separating from in laws, working as a elementary teacher, hunting meat and foraging herbs in forest mountain, then to being a successful boss. Of course how to educate her children from a boys in countryside to a college student and have a work, family and children. Then how her in laws family, her maiden family, some friends and businesses partner life. Many stories about side character. Her story is not much, just how she want to go back to Cultivation world, how she worked hard but still enjoy her work, and she has a strength and space but hidden it. She's fair to her children, even the inheritance is the same so the brothers don't fight. But the brothers never fight. She is a calm dan independent, but for some reason she will feel like not much emotion for the childrens. She make her children independent from young age. And feels that it just her obligation because she use their mother bodies. She pay attention to karma, so she good to her maiden family and children but not much for her in laws family. If the in-laws need helps, she will help if they ask but not much. She won't help much in her children life. Even for her daughter in laws, she just said that the brother can find themselves and when they had children, she just come after the babies a month old and it's for all brother to be fair. She also live alone and got the brother each a house and shop. Then after her children have a families and children, her Cultivation also improve and the necklace also had spirit to go back to Cultivation world. So she died in this world and back to Cultivation world.

When she's back, she's happy and she back to her family's in Cultivation world. Then an ending after she dreamed about the happy families in earth.

So overalls, it's good to kill time. Not much drama and some slice of life about '70. And some replays for some events making me a little bored.

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Avrohom rated it
January 13, 2023
Status: c88
I liked this story because it is a slice of life in a village setting in the 1970, but I was not able to enjoy it for long because of the FL's mother in law. I have never read about a woman more horrendous than her. Her daughter-in-law gave birth to four little sons, worked like a horse in the house and in the fields while starving and living in a small room, five persons in one bed, then she received one final blow - a letter that her soldier... more>> husband is dead. She developed fever and died (at that moment the FL transmigrated). So her wasted feverish body killed by grief is lying in bed and her mother-in-law (who just lost her son, by the way) enters and yells at her "You b*tch, you are so lazy, pigs and chicken are unfed, etc.!

The novel deals a lot with that in-laws family and all its branches and the heartless matriarch and her emotions, and I could never overcome my shock from that woman's cruelty and lack of compassion in the first chapters of the novel and felt horrible each time it was about this woman and her gynormous family. I just did not want to read any further, I did not care about her and her offspring, her sons, daughters, grandkids, etc. But the author was determined to develop her story in that direction, less and less about the FL and her kids and more and more about her in-laws' affairs.

The FL herself was quite interesting, though


She lived until she was 16 in our world and then became a little baby in a cultivation world. Then she grew up again, cultivated quite a bit and went on a mission to acquire some spiritual treasures and died.

One treasure that she acquired, a Bone Lotus growing in her private space, will allow her to restore her cultivated body in that spiritual realm, but it requires a lot of time for the Lotus to mature for it to work.

So, the FL who is now in her third world, in her third body, in China, similar to 1970's China in our world, uses her time to bring up four little sons, being a perfect Chinese mom to them.

There is absolutely no romance in any of her three lives in three different universes. One widowed man with his own three kids liked her but she let him know that there was no way in hell she would let him approach her.

She had a life and a mission of her own with gazillion of secrets and was not looking forward to having yet another country bumpkin husband, another greedy and power hungry mother-in-law and giving birth to a few more kids! In her mind, she owed to that deceased widow, she borrowed her body for a couple of decades in this world while she was waiting for the Bone Lotus to mature. She paid her debt of gratitude by raising that widow's kids.

She is not that sweet or doting with them and she was like their older sister slash private teacher or mentor in feeling, also growing up into an adult, having her own goals, etc. But she did take care of them in an amazing way. They had a great life and childhood with her together.

This novel is more of a metaphor for an overall track of a woman's life when we grow up, begin to develop spiritually and then experience down to earth motherhood and work life, after which a woman again is on her own, young again (at least in her heart), and matures spiritually.


Big spoiler


She lived in that world for over thirty years, until the kids were in their mid thirties early forties and "died" in her sleep (her soul exited that body) at the age of sixty which shocked the family. She was the healthiest of them all!


The widow's sons found their dad instead! Well, he found them. He was not killed but was sent by the army on a long term secret mission all these years until he was old and injured. Strangely, the state did not support his wife and kids all that time! So when he returned, two years after the FL's death in this world, it was awkward. The sons were way too old and he could not give them anything anymore. They were wealthier than him thanks to the FL and his wife was gone. So, they took care of their elderly father. That was a happy and bitter twist in the story.

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makenai89 rated it
December 23, 2022
Status: c159
A satisfying slice-of-life story with unique premises. Perfect for fans of slice-of-life genre and Chinese Economic Reform era.

The MC is a twice-transmigrated-individual with calm temperament and clever mind (well, when life casually throws you around different worlds then obviously you have to learn to make do). She recently occupies the body of a young widow with 4 kids whose husband recently died in the army, so she has to repay the Karma by raising the kids and be filial to her elders.

While depicting the MC's struggles to raise four kids... more>> alone and boost her cultivation in mortal world, the author also describes the circumstances and changes in China during the 70s (and subsequent economic reforms). There's few twists and turns in her own life, but there are plenty interesting tidbits from the people around her.

I think the development of the story makes sense, because someone as calm and powerful as the MC obviously will not seek troubles and have superior means to avoid troubles. Even so, with such an MC, the author manages to illustrate an interesting story. <<less
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Senior Brother Goose
Senior Brother Goose rated it
May 17, 2024
Status: Completed
The MC is OP in the sense that she always knows how to deal with people around her and make money to improve the family situation.

This was fun to read, low stakes since the MC is a cultivator and can get out of sticky situations by running super fast since this is before CCTV.

Romance: none :)
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