From Cosmic Rascal to Professor


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I found myself relegated to the role of a third-rate villain in a cosmic horror web novel.

Despite my shortcomings, I’m determined to undertake research, even if it means sacrificing all of my family’s assets.

“A Graviton Bomb?”

It appears to be the only viable method to vanquish the Outer Gods

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From space idiot to professor
From Space Rascals to Professors
uju mangnanieseo gyosukkaji
우주 망나니에서 교수까지
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New aborednerd rated it
May 7, 2024
Status: c39
Personally really enjoying this novel. We are 39 chapters in and still on placement tests. Things are happening, and the chapters are of a good length each IMO.

I believe we are still in what could be called the opening arc. I would expect the arc to finish around the time the current excitement wraps up.
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Novel Casanova
Novel Casanova rated it
April 19, 2024
Status: c50
This novel is set in a futuristic world of outer space, the plot is a typical academy novel where the MC, aware of the impending doom by evil cosmic entities called Outer Gods, has to create a weapon capable of defeating them.

However, the novel has several issues. The Outer God's ability to read the protagonist's mind nullifies depth, while the protagonist's immunity to mental corruption lacks narrative implications. Despite receiving enhanced abilities, the protagonist's decisions remain questionable. Furthermore, inconsistencies abound, such as advanced medicine coexisting with childbirth fatalities. The academy's... more>> negligence and inconsistent power levels further detract from the story's believability. While characters show growth, the protagonist's immaturity and obliviousness overshadow this redeeming quality, making the novel a disappointing read overall.

In its current state there are too many flaws with it to ignore, it’s a very unfortunate, 6 out of 10 reading experience. Theres so much unrealized potential in this setting but this novel is not it.

(btw this is an AI summarized version of my full review) <<less
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LoneRabbit rated it
March 9, 2024
Status: c5
There are people who want to go to graduate school twice???

Main character is or was a student at a graduation ceremony about to receive his doctorate degree when he nodded off and now finds himself in the world of a sci-fi novel he read. Watch as he progresses through graduate school once AGAIN (the MC doesn't mind btw) all to defend himself against the powerful outer gods.

Its going to take quite a few chapters before MC actually enters the school.

If you're looking for outer gods like in the Cthulhu Mythos, I don't think you're going to find them here, especially the horror aspect I initially hoped it would have.

Also, I think there's going to be hot-blooded space fantasy fights too besides just MC being a bookworm. Disclaimer: I have not read the raws just some translated korean comments.
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MarketResearchReading114 rated it
March 20, 2024
Status: c19
Still in the early days, but its very fun, and the relationships feel great. The cosmic horror feels like its being subverted a bit to give our protag a little leg up to make it through this experience, but it opens the doors wide open for new interpretations and the current explanation is a fun twist on a known trope.

I'm excited for more, I've got it book marked.

One of the fun quotes is definitely about wanting to do graduate school again and the horror beyond the vale, the things that... more>> cause people to go insane, calling him mad. That was a fun note in this. <<less
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