For The Emperor


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She woke up in a strange world…

Texts she couldn’t understand, languages she couldn’t comprehend, and a group of people in bizarre clothes, the “barbarians,” either frightened or excitedly communicating something.

When the voice of divine inspiration rang in her mind again, when the boundless gate to infinity opened before her, facing the countless possibilities from birth to death, Li Yundan experienced for the first time a lifestyle more thrilling than fighting for power and engaging in deceit.

Yes, she liked it here.

In September of the seventh year of the Great Li era, the crown princess Li Yundan disappeared from the Eastern Palace. At that time, she was only three hours away from reaching the pinnacle of power.

The voice of divine inspiration told her: “Do you want to be an emperor imprisoned by the Dragon Throne, or do you want to be the master who steps over the Dragon Throne?”

She chose to become supreme.

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