Floating Color


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Cosmetician Mi Chen started her career in the entertainment circle after returning from abroad, where she met the best actors Bai Yihan and Li Mojun.

Before she knew well about them, she thought Bai was gentle and humble while Li precise and cool…

It turned that both the elegant idols who stole thousands of millions of girls’ heart were nuts…

Where on earth had the so-called modest and aloof gentlemen been?

Bai vs. Li, “…Since we’ve come to this far, whoever makes Mi Chen figure out our feelings for her first…will win.”

In the end, she kissed him.

Right, the moment she stepped in front of his poster, he had become her only male lead forever.

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Eclat123 rated it
August 9, 2020
Status: Completed
I actually had a very high expectation for this one since I've read the author previous work The Heartbeat at the Tip of the Tongue before that had a superb amount of research invested to build intricate plot details. Sadly that strength and level of dedication couldn't be found in this work.

In his/her previous novel, the author managed to build up the imagery of culinary setting by giving out details such as ingredients used, cooking process, and detailed description of the flavor notes. Since in this novel the MC was... more>> a makeup artist, I was expecting similar level of imagery buildup to get into her professional settings. It'd be great if the author had explored more on essential knowledge a trained beautician must have such as facial bone structure, skin type, complexion, makeup technique, fashion design, and basically anything that would make the imagery richer and on similar level as his/her previous work. In this novel, however, the author only used obscure description to build the imagery by just mentioning that a person has defined facial structure, bright complexion, and such. It was honestly like hearing a person gushing about some nonsense repeatedly, just constantly praising all things with flowery adjectives without actually knowing a thing about it. The author simply didn't touch any basic understanding of a makeup artist's world and the general knowledge on entertainment industry and rather built some clearly over-exaggerated irrational made up view on the topics. If the author had watched even one explanatory video on beauty and fashion as a reference it wouldn't have been so obscure. I mean, even watching an episode of America's Next Top Model would be a great help.

I found this novel to be quite disappointing as I read this after I finished The Heartbeat at the Tip of the Tongue. The massive amount of details that had been the author's strength in that work was utterly lost in this one. Well, I guess that might be attributed to the author's deep interest in food industry that motivated her to do tons of research and her low interest in beauty and fashion. It's clear that the author didn't write this because she's passionate with the entertainment industry, but rather to grab the popular trend.

The characterization was also quite disappointing. MC and ML were basically modeled after her previous MC and ML, the only difference being the setting they were in. Both have extremely similar personalities and circumstances to the previous coupling in The Heartbeat at the Tip of the Tongue. They even acted out the exact same scenes as the ones in the author's previous novel.

The 2nd ML (s) are also modeled after the 2nd ML in The Heartbeat at the Tip of the Tongue. One of them being a childhood friend whom MC got a crush on for 10+ years who actually had mutual feelings with her but decided to have relationships with others, and another one being a businessman who had to leave her to expand his business in the name of protecting her. So basically the MC, ML, and 2nd ML (s) all have similar personalities and circumstances to the author's previous characters like perfect carbon copies.

Another major downside of this novel is how it's centered around the typical dog blood drama plot. MC got a harem of guys with one-way thinking as spare tires, villainous characters who were jealous of her kept trying to kill her, MC being very much OP with unparalleled skill in her field, and mediocre character development.

The novel is simply just your another cliched modern CN story. It's a shame really, since the author has so much potential as can be seen from her previous work. <<less
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