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04/21/24 Zubeneschamali c25-26
04/07/24 Zubeneschamali c23-24
03/10/24 Zubeneschamali c21-22
03/03/24 Zubeneschamali c19-20
02/25/24 Zubeneschamali c17-18
02/25/24 Zubeneschamali c15-16
01/07/24 Zubeneschamali c13-14
11/10/23 Zubeneschamali c11-12
09/10/23 Zubeneschamali c9-10
08/25/23 Zubeneschamali c7-8
08/14/23 Zubeneschamali c5-6
07/27/23 Zubeneschamali c3-4
07/26/23 Zubeneschamali c1-2
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September 16, 2023
Status: --
the story is okay, loved how they built up her background. the guys are grade-A a**holes, but no one cares.

it's the translator's comments for me... lol. they are priceless made me laugh so hard every chapter. I will keep reading for that reason. lol
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