Exhi***ionist Female Protagonist Gets F**ked Every Day


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Strictly_nsfw_Business rated it
June 15, 2024
Status: Completed
This is fun! MC is into exposure and picks up 2 guys; a bigshot pe*vert, and her roommate. These two indulge her kink and... hehe. The s*x is written well and the kinks are fun to indulge in.

Um, I'm not in the mood to explain thoroughly but here is a rough go. -> MC is a shy girl that likes to tease exposure in public; not wearing underwear, flipping her skirt, shortening her skirt... basic actions that can be excused quickly. But she was caught on the bus by this... more>> handsome guy in his 20s and fingered, MC fled at the next stop but the guy followed? He took her to a fairly hidden tree spot and f*cked her fiercely! MC enjoyed it, the public s*x, the exposure, the s*x itself, the handsome man, and even the people that noticed her and walked off. Afterwards she accidently provoked her roommate and they fcked, and after both MLs were hooked- the s*x took off.

You should read this. I had fun, ML was kinky and sexy. It's 4/5 stars since it's a tad childish, but I like it nonetheless.

Lin Chen (one of the MLs) is a much bigger pe*vert than MC, their exhibitionist plays really take off since he lets her be exposed. Not too much, not too little, people notice but why should ML care? He is there to have fun public teasing with MC, and like he said "What's the matter? They don't know who you are.". They aren't so blatant to get arrested, but it's like passing a pe*vert on an empty street.

You might not be able to find the raws with just the title + author so here is a helpful tip.


When searching for this novel, the title won't lead you there. It's sad, I even tried the title + author and I still got misled. SO you need to search for a chapter title instead! Try searching for '尿尿被魏野看到了,趴在洗手池上挨操' or '林琛带她玩露出,无视路人揉奶又摸逼'... these two should do the trick! There are sites with full raws, so keep looking if you bump into the sites with missing chapters.


Here is one of their exhibitionist plays-


*Context* This Lin Chen guy, is the ML from the bus that fcked her in the park. Teehee~ So he is our main accomplice in exhibition plays! Long live the dom who lets MC live her kink! Hurray!

Lin Chen smiled and his eyes fell on her lower body, "Why? Are you wearing underwear this time?"

"You... it's none of your business!" Song Yanyan was embarrassed and annoyed.

Lin Chen came over and hugged her, whispering in her ear: "Be good, get in the car, I will definitely not bully you like I did yesterday."

She hesitated for a moment and got into his car obediently.

Lin Chen first took her to eat Western food. The restaurant they went to was very high-end, but she didn't care much about it. She kept wondering what this guy wanted to do with her today.

The answer was soon revealed. Lin Chen drove her to a slightly remote road section, and then came over, "Little sl*t, don't you like to show off? How about wearing this set of clothes to show off?"

As he said, he handed her a set of clothes.

This man actually pulled her to play exposure!

Song Yanyan was stunned, ashamed, panicked, and secretly excited.

This set of clothes is okay, a loose white shirt and a pair of denim shorts.

But if you look closely, it's very wrong. The shirt has no buttons, and the denim shorts are also outrageous. The middle is cut off. It's clearly a short skirt!

"Take off your clothes and only wear this. Don't worry, I will always be with you." Lin Chen said.

"All... all taken off?" She asked in a delicate voice.

"What do you think?" Lin Chen asked back with a smile.

Song Yanyan struggled for a while, ran to the back seat, and started to change clothes.

Lin Chen was still sitting in the driver's seat, picked up his mobile phone and made a call.

She listened for a while intentionally or unintentionally. The phone call he talked about had nothing to do with her, it was all about business.

This made her relax a lot, and she quickly put on the two pieces.

Lin Chen hung up the phone and handed her a black mask. She hurriedly put it on. She really needed a mask to go out dressed like this. This guy was considerate.

"Then what?" She asked softly. She was now covering her shirt to prevent her breasts that were not covered by a bra from being exposed. Her thighs were also tightly together, not wanting to expose her pu*sy so soon.

"Get off the car, let's take a walk." Lin Chen said, getting off the car first.


Oh btw, I gave it 4/5 stars for the plays being somewhat creative. The plot is- don't expect anything. And MC's attitude towards these human-dildos is- plain rude. But I read to enjoy the smut scenes, so it didn't matter to me. <<less
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