Everyone in Kindergarten Was Reborn, Except for… [90’s]


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In the new semester, everyone became mischievous.

Yuanbao always says that the arithmetic teacher is teaching it wrong, which makes the teacher cry out of frustration.

Tianbao’s dishes are so delicious that he snatched the spatula from the master chef at the small dining table, making the master chase after him.

Mengbao finds the costumes for the theatrical performances too ugly and insists on using a needle and thread to make them by herself.

And then there’s Xiongbao, who has surprisingly learned martial arts, chasing and fighting adults every day.

Xuebao is eating the braised pork made by Tianbao, wearing the princess dress sewn by Mengbao, and in her pocket, there are snacks bought by Yuanbao with his pocket money. Xiongbao follows behind, protecting her.

She let out a long sigh. She was the only good baby left in the whole little sunflower class. She is determined to earn more little red flowers!

Background: 1990’s

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ClassyCassy rated it
December 26, 2023
Status: Completed
The story is nice. I like that all of the children who is reborn still have their child personality and all of them are quite protective towards their classmates. The plot also okay. I could see the author tried his best to write about all the children so that all children could have their part in the novel too. Overall, I kinda enjoy the story. But as I MTL the story so it maybe I'm bias. But I'm seriously looking forward for the translation version. There might be some detail... more>> I've been missing. <<less
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