Even Though I Have A Terminal Illness, He Won’t Break Off The Engagement


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I possessed a supporting character in a BL novel.

She is the fiancé of the protagonist, who has only three months left to live.

With this situation, I thought I would enjoy the life of a wealthy duke’s daughter………

“You’ve been trying to kill me all this time, haven’t you?”

But it turns out that my fiancé, who is also the protagonist of this novel, tries to kill me every night.

“That’s right.”


“Didn’t you know that, too?”

But there’s something wrong with this guy?

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시한부인데 파혼을 안 해준다
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1 Review

Jun 30, 2023
Status: v1 part19
The story doesn't fit the title, the prologue, and the description. Those are just small snippets what instantly get resolved/explained. Currently story feels aimless so I'm not sure what kind of rating to give it.

Some things about the story:

  • Like in all ex-BL novels, MC wants to make her fiance Diet and priest Noel to become lovers, just because they were in BL novel (after Estelle (MC) died). They obviously hate each other but MC sees their arguing as romantic bickering or "it's still too early for their love".
  • MC has health problems and according to novel and witchdoctor (who can see lifespan of souls) she will die in 3 months. So, she completely gives up on life or finding cure and only wants peaceful death and yet some of her actions are completely opposite.
  • All mages are mentally ill, including MC's fiance Diet, who is a master of the mage tower. Apparently, it's because people hate magic users. So, all the time MC must tell everyone what is right or wrong and encourage them. (Personally, this was the biggest deal breaker for me, it's weird that she has to constantly scold & encourage grown ups and compliment them for her own benefits, because they will do anything to get any kind of recognition).
  • It's weird, but MC attempts to run away from her own house (it doesn't even belong to Diet, he only goes there because he is her fiance).

    It's very unplanned and instantly fails because of tracking spell. She quickly gives up like it was nothing of worth, so it felt very anticlimactic.

About engagement


For next 3 months (yeah, same time as her death date), she won't be able to break it because it's a magic contract (whoever breaks it dies). So, the real break up struggle will start then but then it means that she won't be ill anymore and so the title is false, no? And mentally ill Diet is already obsessed with her in his own weird way, so he probably won't break it later.


About description


It was a misunderstanding. Apparently original Estelle often harmed herself for Diets attention, but he thought that she wants to end her life and wanted to help her out by killing her (yay mentally ill mages). MC explains that it's wrong and he instantly apologises. And that's it.

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