Eternal Life


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The mortal body, metamorphosis, longevity, immortality, and eternal life. These five realms, step by step, reveal themselves in front of you. As a normal person, how can one try step by step to reach and open the door to eternal life?

Between the heaven and the earth lies the mortal body, the mysteries of metamorphosis, freedom of longevity, the power of immortality, and the hope of eternal life. A story filled with endless new magic, a new world of immortal styles, people, demons, gods, fairies, magic, kings and emperors. A world of love and hatred, revenge, and mystical battle, all in “Eternal Life.”

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Brat Peed
Brat Peed rated it
March 23, 2016
Status: --
Good story, good MC and good characters. I just hope the speed of translation will pick up. To make the story well known you should produce about 300 chapters.
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123abdi rated it
April 10, 2016
Status: --
Only read up to chapter 27 so far, but I feel like it has a good start. the MC has a unique background but I swear the part in chapter 27
... more>>

.... where one of the pink princes says "We shall build the country of our dreams. Within the country imagined by the Devil Emperors, people, Demons, and Devils shall coexist, living together in cities, conducting business, growing crops, and managing all together, devoid of discrimination and fighting. It will be a country which doesn’t care about appearances and incompatibilities. Since ancient times, coexistence of humans, Demons, gods, and Devils has been the dreams of a Golden Age. You Immortal Path followers are divided between beauty and ugliness, good and evil. You have let humans, Demons, and Devils massacre each other, and have caused many wars. Right now, all the killings shall end, and your beautiful yet ugly, good yet evil Immortal Path will be extinguished. Between the heavens and earth, we shall usher in a world devoid of beauty and ugliness, good and evil. Humans, gods, Demons, and Devils shall coexist in a new Golden Age..."

I couldn't help but wonder who the real evil ones were. The devils or the MC who doesn't seem to care about killing others as long as he can become powerful. I mean most Xianxia is like this but this MC doesn't even contemplate killing he just goes for it. This MC should have a little restraint.... or at least some patience. <<less
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MondoX rated it
May 16, 2016
Status: c51
I give it three stars because the MC has not shown a backbone. After 51 chapters, this guy is still a servant (slave), and is following one of his terrible masters. MC is kind of like an _Uncle Tom_, xuanhuan style.
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ughughugh rated it
May 12, 2018
Status: c904
This is probably one of my favourite xianxia novels. The plot remains consistently engaging and it has a FL with actual depth and inner-conflict. This is one of the most underrated novels on this site.
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Raphael rated it
November 14, 2015
Status: --
Lovely story so far like what has happened and I am currently hoping the story keeps up at this pace. Similar to Mo Tian Ji if anyone reads that one.
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