Enemies Meet at the Engagement Ceremony


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[Say the words of looking for Gray in front of the emblem.]

The two families mentioned in the most beloved proverb in the Lutinas Empire are widely recognized as rival families throughout the entire nation.

Of the two families of swordsmanship masters, I was reincarnated as the Cherrya Emblem, the forbidden jade lobe of the Emblem Duke.

In my past life, I rolled through life as a inspector, facing danger, only to lose my life at the hands of a criminal. This life seemed like compensation. However…

“It’s getting old, you. You and your emblem will grow weak.”

“Say it again, you bastard!”

Engaged to Enoch, the successor of the Gray family who grew up fighting, competing, and being enemies since infancy! Due to the schemes of mothers seeking reconciliation between the two families!

Arriving at the engagement ceremony with the desire to bite my tongue at the sight of Enoch and me, who used to exchange punches and swords at the mere meeting of eyes, was an unexpected encounter with unforeseen fate.

“Didn’t you miss me, Inspector?”

“You can’t be seriously!”

Enoch Gray, my nemesis in this life, was my nemesis in a previous life

Enoch, realizing memories from his past life, began to change his demeanor, using a sweet voice and somewhat altered eyes to scrutinize my side. This change in Enoch gradually altered my quiet surroundings.

“I haven’t just been watching to see if Gray will take away everything, including your heart.”

Starting from the prince, my lord,

“I endured because it was a formal engagement. I couldn’t stand seeing you sway towards Gray, even if it was just a formality.”

Even the subordinate I should spend a lifetime with began to reveal discomfort to Enoch.

Of course, what bothers me the most among them is,

“How I went crazy after you died like that. Cherrya, you don’t know.”

My past life nemesis and current life rival Enoch Gray. This was that bastard

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원수는 약혼식장에서 만난다
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