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His long-planned scheme + her deep affection = ceaseless intimacy after marriage. “A girl’s feelings are always poetic, her words obscure, and he seems to understand but not fully.”

Shen Shuman (Judge): Slightly androphobic; a demure woman with a pure heart.
Wei Shi (Neurosurgeon): Version 2.0 of the dangerous yet charming archetype, incorporating elements of “deep affection like the sea,” “scheming and flirtatious,” “mature and steady,” along with new traits like “uprightness,” “sharp-tongued,” and “a mix of human and dog behavior.”

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1 Review

Jan 19, 2024
Status: --
This started great but just became straight up bad after the reverse r*pe. Like why was that necessary? You could actually delete that scene and it wouldn't change the main story, frankly it would have made it better. It doesn't help matters that it keeps getting mentioned. How am I as a reader supposed to like/understand a FL who is afraid of men because she is constantly objectified for her beauty, and was also almost r*ped at the beginning of the novel just casually r*ping someone? What is the difference... more>> between her and the exhibitionist guy? And then she claims what she did was "indecent violation" not r*pe because that only happens to women 🙄. I don't know if the fact that she was a judge just makes it worse or laughable. <<less
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