Enchanter who was Exiled from the Party, Actually the Strongest Person in the World ~I am Now Solo. So, I Will Make My Items Without Equal~


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Royle was a member of a S-Rank Adventurers Party. As an enchanter, he was responsible to adjust equipment of party members.

But one day,

“We are the strongest party, even without your enchantment.”

He was fired from the party.

Forcefully he restarted his life in a remote area.

He could make weapons that let amateurs released power beyond their standard. Using that kind of weapon, he who had no fighting experience could increase it rapidly.

On the other hand, his previous party, which lose his enchantment ability, started to lose their power and authority.

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Party wo tsuiho sareta soubi seisakusha, jitsuwa sekai saikyo ~ solo ni nattanode, jibun de tsukutta saikyo soubi de musou suru ~
パーティーを追放された装備製作者、実は世界最強 〜ソロになったので、自分で作った最強装備で無双する〜
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All Night
All Night rated it
August 16, 2020
Status: c23
The author wrote his ability far too convenient and powerful for my tastes. It's a ridiculously powerful even based on isekai standards.

His enchantment ability requires nothing more than using his own mana as a catalyst. It requires no materials, no tedious casting, and once enchanted lasts until he removes it.

... more>>

The MC can even enchant a sword to make himself a master swordsmen, and again it costs him nothing but a bit of his ever expanding mana pool. The only flaw being his own body is strained by the movements.


Now there's the issue of the writing... It's either the writing or the translation, but it's very cut and dry not much detail is added to the action scenes.

I'll give it about a few more chapters, before I decide whether I keep reading or not, but I'm not holding out hope as the translation has caught up to the raws as of 2 months ago. <<less
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A_Passing_Wanderer rated it
September 7, 2020
Status: c13 part2
Dropped after ch 13.2.

As for my reason... well, I'll be as polite as possible here.

What I've read so far have been a perfect example of "meh". Chapters are short so not much breathing space has been afforded to just about anything - characters, plot, the set pieces, nada.

... more>> The writing also seems a bit... I don't know, too on-the-fly? As if the author just wrote (or typed in this case) whatever that came to his mind that sounded cool. Which are invariably not so cool in practice.

I can already tell it'll head down the time-worn path of OP MC fawned over by your usual cardboard-cutout harem members and adventurer's guild receptionist gasping in shock all the time while the dumb former allies are all going, "No, it's not possibleeee!!!"

There's nothing wrong with that if it's been written in an engaging or suitably outlandish manner, but this novel's just "meh" from the beginning till the point I decided to drop it.

I hope that was polite enough... <<less
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sjmcc13 rated it
August 25, 2020
Status: c9
So the MC is booted from the party, because their ego's have grown to much and they have come to assume their success are now from their own ability alone, and the Mc's optimizing the equipment for every quest is no longer a necessary part of their success. (Though it seem like they have not tested this theory).

The MC even raised objections about this, and they arrogantly say they have it covered (the target of their next quest requires a specific property to kill, or it will resurrect, the priest/cleric/healer... more>> proclaims she can do it with her magic

she fails to do so, and the party fail their first quest since the MC had joined them as a result

). Simply put the party is only looking at their results, and assuming that they are all great, but not comparing their ability minus the MC's constant optimizations to others, since it is a lot easier to beat something if your weapons always hit its weaknesses, and your armor protects against its strengths.

The MC gives up accepts the dismissal and leaves, since the party is active in only one type of area (other then the capital) he decides to go to a remote area not matching that criteria so that he will not run into them anymore.

I can understand the diversity of the enchantments the MC can put on items, it does seem to push it a bit but if he has spent years specializing in it then he should have a wide variety, and him being a prodigy can explain them being stronger, I also like that the author put in that there is a limit for how many enchantments each item can hold at once. But I do feel the author messed up with how fast the MC can place the enchantments on things, that part just seems to good. <<less
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S.D. rated it
September 19, 2020
Status: c18
Boring swiss knife of a protagonist with plain, featureless character.

Novels like that usually run on two things.

First is humorous collisions of protagonists's OPness with people's common sense, and it's present here, with exception of humor part, making it pretty dull. "Hey, here's today's booty" "OMG isn't that an S-class?monster?!" "Rly? I had no idea, lul".

... more>> Second is the party that ditched protag getting rekt without him. Present, but kind of sketchy too.

All in all a poor execution of not so novel idea. I recommend Healer Banished from the Party instead, if you haven't checked it out yet. <<less
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