A Court Blacksmith, whom was Condemned for being an ‘Iron-Smelling Woman’, was Picked up by a Friendly Guild and Attained Happiness


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Born as a low-ranking aristocrat’s daughter, Liliana’s life changed dramatically after she lost her parents to an illness. After a difficult life as a noble lady, Liliana finally decided to unleash her innate talent and became a blacksmith. Her goal was to fulfil her parents’ last wish—“I want you to live strong.”

A few years later, Liliana became a hard-working court blacksmith. Although she had given up her happiness as a woman, sincerely giving her best for a kind hero she loved was her own way of finding happiness.

One day, she overheard a conversation between the hero and the princess;

“If you keep treating her that nicely, won’t she get the wrong idea?”

“That was never my intention… as if I would want such a disgusting, soot-covered, woman anywhere near me.”

Liliana was shocked to learn that his gentle and sweet words were but lies to take advantage of her.

Afterwards, the princess condemned Liliana, which resulted in the king exiling her.

At a loss, Liliana had a fateful encounter in the city of adventurers, Raceton.

After her pure feelings had been toyed with, the exiled female blacksmith found a new place. It is a story of her attaining true happiness with the help of dependable friends.

Associated Names
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"Tetsu Kusai Onna" to Nonoshirareta Kyuutei Kajishi, Ohitoyoshi Guild ni Hiroware Shiawase wo Teniireru (old title)
Onna Kajishi wa Ohitoyoshi Guild ni Hirowaremashita: Shintenchi de Ganbaru Kajishi Seikatsu
「鉄臭い女」と罵られた宮廷鍛冶師、お人好しギルドに拾われ幸せを手に入れる (old title)
女鍛冶師はお人好しギルドに拾われました ~新天地でがんばる鍛冶師生活~
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Kingdo rated it
November 18, 2021
Status: c60
The setting is a mess. It doesn't make any sense XD

MC is the only one blacksmith in the royal court, while the country is in war. The hero flirt with her to make her do her job, but it's make no sense. When you play with someone, it's because you want something that the person isn't in the obligation to do. The princess frame MC to fire her, she is her superior hierarchical, there is no need to do that to fire a servant. Also, things will conveniently go in... more>> the MC way. Like a dragon attack just after MC finish her first sword, what a convenient target to prove MC's sword is good.

Here is a resume of the book one.


MC = protagonist, ML = male lead/main love

  • MC is the daughter of a fallen noble, she starts to work for a living and become a blacksmith, talented enough to be employed by the royal family.
  • MC is the Only ONE blacksmith here, her main job is to maintain the holy sword of the hero.
  • MC likes the hero because he is the only men being nice to her, since she doesn't look like a typical noble lady.
  • MC ear the hero talk sh*t about her in her back, saying that he is obliged to flirt with her just to make sure she does her jobs.

Why ? It's literally her job. It's like flirt with your hairdresser to make sure your hair will be combed. Peoples do that to make someone do something they are not obligated too, as a favor.

  • MC is heartbroken and leave, the princess thinks she won't make any good work anymore and decide to take care of her.
  • MC is call then condemn by the king himself in false charges.

Why does the princess does something as troublesome as that ? She isn't a strong political opponent, just a servant without any support, just fire her.

  • MC leaves the castles, has nowhere to go neither has any money

Why doesn't she have any money ? And her salary ? She worked at the royal castle, the story even precise her salary was very high. Her parents are dead, she doesn't have a relative to envoy the money and work H24 without spending a cent. WHERE IS HER MONEY !?

  • MC is almost r*pe by thugs when ML come to the rescue.
  • ML listen to her story then propose her to stay at his guild
  • The guild is presented as a monster extermination specialist, but at the same time every member is like MC, some poor people who don't have a home ?
  • The SPECIALIST COMBATS guild has conveniently needed a blacksmith. They do not have a contract to any blacksmith or artisans guild, even so they are the best guild in town.
  • MC wants to thank ML and forge his a new sword.
  • They go to a blacksmith who accept to lend them the place.
  • ML has conveniently the best material possible to forge a sword.
  • MC starts to work and the owner of the blacksmith start to comment how much MC is good at her works.

Royal POV

  • The king employ a new blacksmith, the new worker is amazed by the sword left by MC, he compliments her heavily.
  • The king start to regret exile her, he didn't know she was that talented.
  • When the new blacksmith learns his main job is to maintain the holy sword, he said he isn't able to do it and resign his job.
  • The king start to sweat


  • MC finish her sword and give it to ML. He is pleased by it, the owner of the blacksmith said that sword it as the level of a holy sword.
  • A dragon conveniently attack, ML go take him down.
  • ML take him down easily, of course.
  • Everyone is impressed by MC sword.
  • MC stays at the guild and work for them until she found what she wants to do in her life.
  • More or less one month later, the hero come and spot MC.
  • The hero ask MC to come back, MC is astonished and horrified at the same times.
  • The hero don't understand why, then laugh and finally accept to take her as a mistress. (Oh yeah, he actually laughs too when he learns she did find another job as a blacksmith, a fact that is staggering s*upid since he knew she was good enough at her job to work for the royal family).

Why don't she wants to come back ? I don't know, maybe because you were a total jerk to her AND she actually lose her job because of you. But yeah, think she still wants you, dumbass.

  • ML was confused at first, but became angry afterward.
  • ML refused the hero proposition.
  • The hero tell ML to go away.
  • They both argue, (since they are in the street, people start gathering) ML confess his feeling for her and the hero just laugh it off since he just can't have any other reaction at this point, I guess.
  • They fight, ML win and the holy sword of the hero is now broken. (In public)
  • The hero still insists about MC coming with him, by order of the king.
  • ML says that this town is free and independent of the kingdom. (What a surprise, MC happen to chose to live in the only city that can afford to said to the king to f*ck off)
  • The hero threatened them with a war. (Still in public)
  • The guild master come and say "okay come in, if you have time and soldier to spare with the war with the demon lord"
  • The hero finally leaves.

As you can see, the story has a significant amount of incoherence.


The story is based on two classics, the character abused and kick out for more or less no reason who was in reality OP and the one who carry them. And the love story where the MC is framed and exile by a love rival, "vilainess tag" style. But without any real logic or understanding of the medieval feudal setting. But each chapter is short and easy to read. If you're not looking at a masterpiece, I think it's quite fun to read.

That why I give 3 stars. <<less
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Diagon Alleycat
Diagon Alleycat rated it
June 4, 2021
Status: c24
The story is the basic plot of girl with one-sided love and world shaking skill (blacksmith) who can craft weapons and armor far better than anyone else. Because of that skill, even people who don't like her will get along with her in order to make use of the astounding gear she creates. Her skill is so great, that with one hit, she actually removes the impurities out of an ingot of raw iron or steel. She's also able to imbue magical properties including the all powerful holy element which... more>> apparently is more powerful than in most mmorpg because Holy in the story defends against all and basically attacks all with huge bonus damage. I'm not revealing much because the author is constantly in a rush to churn out the short chapters. As an example, the author wanted the MC to get together with someone, and the MC immediately transfer her love from the Hero to that person in just two short chapters. This really is too fast and it illustrates how the author pushes out events but then quickly slows down to have a chapter of just going shopping for things to eat. Maybe part of the problem is that the author is simultaneously churning out a variety of other stories at the same time. As for the plotting, the speed at which plot elements are laid out varies a great deal. Sometimes, there is so much going on a few paragraphs, that we the readers aren't being _shown_ how something is happening but are instead just _told_ what is happening. I particularly dislike this type of presentation style. The high speed chapters are then separated by filler chapters where little is happening. It would have been better to take some of the events of the prior chapter and describe them in subsequent chapters. The author also has the tendency to suddenly pull something significant out of the air and plop it into the story in order to make the MC or her friends look good and the ex-love Hero into a person that was mean to the MC. Naturally, the female love of the Hero was also mean to the MC along with her father the King. Otherwise, these people seem to have been serving the Kingdom. But the author's viewpoint is that long service doesn't matter if you are mean to the MC. Such characters become the target of a self-insert style revenge plot.

As for effort spent by the MC, everything is breathlessly easy. Only one or two sentences needs to pass before the a task becomes completed and sometimes without any additional ingredients. With such a breakneck rush to get through things, the author sometimes forgets to cover plot holes. For example, the Kingdom has a city that is disobedient and doen't obey the government because the adventurers are too strong. Why does the Kingdom tolerate such a city and the region? It makes no sense and the author doesn't go beyond anything more than adventurers can beat the government up.

Now that Chapter 24 has come by, it's probably time for the revenge arc to begin. Most readers who have stuck with the story this far are probably curious as to how much misfortune and humiliation can be given to the King, daughter, and Hero. <<less
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Snowman256 rated it
April 10, 2022
Status: c41
It was a pretty good setup, but the FL really lacks character beyond being a good blacksmith. She left an abusive relationship, genuinely fell into depression, and then desperately clung onto the man who saved her (the ML) in a very Stockholm-syndrome like way. The ML for some reason connects his 6 year old self to the FL and falls in love with the depressed girl he saved, and presses her to become lovers with her in the rush after her saves her from an abusive partner. In other words,... more>> the FL never grew or changed - her new partner is exactly the same dominating, flattering, self-centered type as the hero, except the new ML actually reciprocates her feelings this time. The FL never learns to stand up for herself and never speaks out against her old partner, because she's always cowering behind the ML and hoping that everything will work out.

Massive kudos to the translator - their fun commentary kept me going even longer than I normally would have. But I'll be dropping the novel at c41. <<less
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Fiis10 rated it
December 22, 2021
Status: c58
Starts well and sweetly. But later chapters make it seem like author doesn't know where this story is going.
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Poshghost rated it
June 27, 2021
Status: c29
A pretty cliché and standard story with really nothing super special about it but it's a fun little quick read so far. I've def read a LOT worse.

The pace is pretty quick and not a lot of time is spent on character building but the characters that are given to us aren't annoying or hard to deal with when reading. The characters themselves /know/ that they are moving quickly and say as much. ML in general has a very good personality compared to a lot of MLs that I've read... more>> and I would actually like them to flesh him out a bit more (but I know they won't).


I appreciate that the ML literally tells the MC at some point that he loves her but knows they've only known each other for like 20 days and that his feelings are his own and she is not required to reciprocate them in any way which I really appreciated. Feels like that never happens in these stories lol


MC is a bit too delicate for my taste but I agree with the translator in that it was kind of refreshing that she doesn't immediately get over what she's been through and she gets depressed and scared at times because of what happened. (Immediate is relative to this story btw cause again pace is fast)

Translation is solid as always from American Faux and TL notes are also fun. Not a great story but a cute little jaunt at the moment it you're bored. <<less
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vulpi rated it
May 27, 2021
Status: c25
TLDR: its very predictable, kinda overused plot.

i wish I could change my rating... its probably lower than 3 imo

its alright.. If you want something thats very typical- girl gets abandoned by some bastard finds a new place that appreciates her and finds the male lead- then you'll probably enjoy this.

the silver lining I guess would be the revenge arc (not sure how typical it will be bc it hasnt been completed yet)

If you are looking for something with more plot then this is kinda eh.
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Dcrangerange rated it
May 7, 2021
Status: c15
I like this story. So far it’s been going at a consistent speed, not too fast and not too slow. It’s not the best that’s every been but so far it’s a pretty good story.
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