Frontiers ~Chronicles of Bucket-san’s Detailed Pioneering~


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「I love detailed things!

Embroidery or drawing magic circles is the best, isn’t it!

Fighting? Even if I fight, I won’t be able to hit a moving target, you know~」

Diving wholly into the digital world of sword and magic! Defeating monsters, cutting down trees, opening up your world!

A girl with a trademark bucket helm has arrived at such world’s first VRMMO.

Swordsmanship? I told you that I can’t hit! Rather, I will cut myself.

Magic? Magic patterns are wonderful, aren’t they?

Her playstyle is, unfortunately gruesome…… prejudiced occupation and famous production character.

In this world where the economy has been stabilized due to NPC craftsmen’s fury, will the somewhat carefree Bucket-san be able to depend on and display her craftsman soul……?

Associated Names
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Frontiers: Bucket-san no Komakame na Kaitakuki
ふろんてぃあーず ~バケツさんの細かめな開拓記~
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inacio999 rated it
February 28, 2018
Status: c10 part2
This novel has a very interesting concept where the MC is a crafter and not the one who goes out fighting all the time.I really like reading this kind of perspective and I hope more of this type of novel is going to come out soon. And what's saddening is that this novel also does not get translated. I hope someone is going to pick it up soon-
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Godleydemon rated it
August 31, 2020
Status: c145
I read ahead in the raws and honestly, it really doesn't change much from starting to when the author stopped writing in 2017. It's very light hearted and very slice of life, there really isn't much conflict and nothing of a story outside of the game. It began to bore me slightly as it went on though, as the author never introduced better materials except very seldom. The MC doesn't try and experiment more with the magic circles she like's so much. I mean my god, she straight has mastered... more>> deciphering and languages. She should 100% be able to create her OWN magic circles by now.

What got me a bit frustrated though was a new area they unlocked that was steampunk. They introduced a bunch of things that were decidedly not fantasy elements then the author abruptly dropped the entire plot thread because it was silly. Which it was. I mean your introducing steam and magic-powered power suits.. To a fantasy world.. I mean yeah. You can do it, and you can do it convincingly like in a few other novels. You just make them extremely complex, hard to control, expensive to make and it's rare to find a recipe for. I've seen novels where this can be done and they do it well. This, this novel did no such thing.

Then they introduced server travel between countries, but nothing is really different between each country. Just a few things here and there, and in the one server they have cherry blossoms. Even the girls comment on the castle in the other server "might be different"? And "I think it has one more spire".

I could probably rant for a while on the novel, but one of the things that probably confused me the most was how participation in events is calculated. The MC in one event is the top producer of the front line armor basically single-handedly with a few helpers. She was the one to make the raid ending items, she was the one that placed the raid ending items, she was the one that created the artifact that was far above normal to even start the raid (unintentionally). Yet, she got 10th in rank on the leaderboard. Heck, she was even the topmost person buying the special crystals in order to make items with them, (the special event crystals that I still have 0 idea how those are calculated either). Looking at everything she did during the event, she was even there at the start of the freaking event and was a huge boon to the spur of the moment defense. Why the heck is she only 10th place?

On top of all of that. One of the MC's friends, uses her, constantly and she lets it happen. She even REALIZES that she's too sweet on her lets her get away with far too much. She has to rely on another friend to put a stop-gap sometimes. I stopped reading when she pushed her to move away from the city she loves, so "she can meet new people and make friends" when half of the reason is, "because I want to ally with this huge clan and want to make favors using your production skills". Even the other friend freaking agrees to it for some reason. Maybe this was the reason the author decided to drop it only 9 chapters later because it no longer made sense narrative whys. I mean just looking at that comparison between the two friends, is frankly, startling. It's fairly obvious, one friend is taking strict advantage of the other, badly. <<less
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S.D. rated it
February 28, 2018
Status: c10
It's pretty bad, at least to me. Writing an interesting, captivating novel about a crafter-type character is hard. Make it double for shut-in crafters who don't explore the world much. Some manage to nail it somehow. This one? Not even close. Think about your average MMO player keeping a log and you'll more or less get the idea of how entertaining it is.
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moneng85 rated it
September 16, 2021
Status: c52
Enjoyable Slice of life crafting VrmmoRPG genre

While there are some imbalance due to the MC being very active, improves fast and skillful crafter.

There wasn't any mindless characters overreacting to their amazement or bulletin boards wasting chapters only repeating the same thing, so thats a big plus.

No Big challenges so far which can be taken in two ways (comfy and boring)
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