Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest


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The people of this world are given occupations and weapons called Divine Treasures by God. It was said that the treasure was very strong and couldn’t be compared to the Human-made weapons. That’s why, occupations which were called “Blacksmith”, who can make and modify weapons are called the weakest.

The main protagonist Relius who has acquired such a weakest job. He gave up on becoming an adventurer and worked in an inn, but he realized that he could make “Anything”. He, who was making what he liked, became aware of the relationship with famous nobles and beautiful girls.

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Although It’s the Weakest an Unprofitable Occupation,『Blacksmith』, Has Become the Strongest. ~Realized He Can Make Anything He Wants, the Man Started His Leisurely Life~
Fuguushoku "Kajishi" dakedo Saikyou desu ~ Kizukeba Nandemo Tsukureru you ni Natteita Otoko no Nonbiri Slow Life ~
The Weakest Occupation
不遇職『鍛冶師』だけど最強です ~気づけば何でも作れるようになっていた男ののんびりスローライフ~
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TimeVoid rated it
January 20, 2020
Status: c46
seriously, this is a disappointing novel to the core. I mean, sure... the MC with blacksmith occupation were rare in the isekai novel genre. It was the first that caught my attention, but then a questionable on MC blacksmith skills, Which may people say OP/Cheat skills.

Firstly, the blacksmith skills & occupation were by no means unknown to the population. However, the MC discovered an abnormal way to use the skills that surprising him to the result it brought.

Secondly, the MC is NOT a blacksmith except he was given the occupation... more>> through the divine blessing. Yet he was able to create an object and mass produced it in a single day without creating it from scratch. In other words, he is capable on copy and paste from object and skills. Which mean, he does NOT becoming a blacksmith but a cheat of copy pasting skill.

Additionally, on a certain chapter he discovered a certain blueprint that was given by a merchant. That blueprint is on creating a "gun". As soon as the word "gun" pop out, author is running out of ideas and my reading motivation goes to the zero level. <<less
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Yolo Swag
Yolo Swag rated it
October 1, 2019
Status: --
Very great novel, well written and completely original.

maybe you will also confuse this novel with the other one 'my op repair skill'. But the diference is clear: in repair skill, MC can break and repair anything. While in this novel the MC uses divine treasure hammer to break and remake anything.

Pacing is very good. With no plot, goals or ambitions, you can enjoy the MC have a guaranteed easy time at every little thing he does to pass his time.
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Harry rated it
October 5, 2019
Status: c8
Title : 1/10. Use overused words like weakest, strongest, and also very long title which you can read it as "I weakest become OP and do whatever I want" just like numerous similar other novel

Character : ?/10. Only read 8 chapter so far and not enough to judge so maybe its just okay for now. However I found little annoying thing called lack common sense from MC, its just a little sign but hopefully not become his trait. Lack common sense like "Magi's Grandson", "Mushoku no Eiyuu" or "Shikkaku... more>> Mon no Saikyou Kenja" is very very annoying thing

Story : 3/10. Not making sense at all, God give weapon to everyone so blacksmith is useless. What about the armour??? Did the hero come to demon lord castle naked and just 1 swing from the weapon instantly defeat the Boss? Did the weapon come with perfect hit (never miss, always critical hit, homing missile, instant death, lock on target and so on) ???. At least the story is still somewhat decent (latest chapter 8 atm), hopefully it didn't deteriorate. Game element actually give bad taste to this story (and other novel too), did every world have status menu or exp bar, did every isekai God play games made from earth's RPG maker??

Result : Not that bad but sure is not good enough <<less
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sjmcc13 rated it
September 24, 2019
Status: c44
I ended up binging through all the raw after ch 1 up to ch 44.

In this world people get jobs and weapons form the gods when they come of age, MC's best friend/girlfriend/foster sister (he was taken in by her parents after his died) becomes a hero and gets excalibur, and gets sent off to a special school for those with very high end jobs like hero (she has only been in one side chapter since then).

MC gets blacksmith job which is considered the worst job because it can only... more>> make weapons, and no one needs weapons since they get one from the gods. So it is considered the stereotypical losing useless job, and the only one people can name of the top of their heads. The common sense of the world is that a blacksmith can only make weapons, and there are craftsmen who make everything else. So he stays to help his foster parents run their inn. He is not cast out, and they seem to genuinely care about him which is a nice change of pace.

By accident the MC discovers he is not limited to just weapons,

and can basically copy anything by destroying and rebuilding it, but limited to small items at first,


One thing I found interesting is that in this world items other than the divine treasures can have attached skills, but they have no means of identifying what the skills are, so people having bad compatibility with items seem to come up a few times.


After he levels up a bit if the destroyed item has a skill attached, he seems to permanently add that skill to a list he can add to other items, and he can tell what skills are attached before destroying the item (which no one else can). The MC starts looking for items with decent skills to add to his repertoire, which he can haggle on since no one else can determine the skills attached to items, and non divine treasure weapons are generally treated as ornaments not weapons


though he even ends up having to but a pair of black panties from a woman's apparel shop because when a coworker dragged him in he notice a special skill on that one pair. He basically buys it on with that name it has to be good (it is) and no idea what the skill does but it is not one you would like for someone to accidentally trigger while wearing them.


Though there is not enough growth or variety in skill ranks for me, too many skills are just rank S from the start. But there is growth in how much he can place on weapons.



The later chapters seem to indicate that the world is some sort of post fall/collapse they reference ancient documents found in ruins but no one uses them for anything or studies them, MC gets his hands on 2, they are blueprints for a handgun and a dragon egg (as in make the egg, and hatch your own dragon familiar, which MC does), it seems like Blacksmiths value is being artificially suppressed, and there does seem to be a bit of a religious part to the supressios

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sgrey rated it
October 7, 2020
Status: c93
What to say about this novel? A dullard MC with a severe form of ret*rdation going around like a drone and making every girl he meets (including nobles and nuns) to fall for him within 5 seconds by greeting her politely. He is super sharp when a maiden is in distress so he can offer his assistance while simultaneously being incredibly dull and completely oblivious to any feelings they might have towards him. So I guess you can call it a typical Japanese shounen fantasy?

The concept in the novel makes... more>> very little sense. Everyone has profession and a divine tool granted by a god during the coming of age ceremony, and yet the blacksmiths are being thought of as going against the god because they are blacksmiths. How would that make sense to anyone that a god grants profession to people that goes against gods will? And apparently blacksmiths are kinda like mini-gods of creation because he can basically just wish anything into existence if he has enough knowledge and mana. He literally made living beings too. Dunno why the novel is about being a "blacksmith" since he never even used an anvil once.

The story is very light light-hearted so far and didn't make me yawn, probably because I was skipping a bunch of parts. But that's probably the only thing I can say about it. Otherwise it's quire annoying and you would probably want to strangle MC quite a few times for being s*upid and a drone. <<less
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Exedo rated it
January 10, 2021
Status: c106
I'm about to give up on Japanese novels. Pretty much 99% of MC's are super beta cucks who has nothing going on in their brain. Hey I have an OP skill that can transform the world guess that means I'm weak as shit. Seriously guys you aren't being humble you are being s*upid. And in nearly all Japanese novels this one included if a girl shows up 99% chance of her being in the harem or her panties get wetter than Nigara Falls but she is just part of the... more>> outer harem. And somehow the MC is too dense to notice. I can understand not seeing subtle cues or some misinterpertation but when she rubs her body on you and does everything but has s*x with you please at least think hey maybe she likes me. MC in this novel is s*upid beyond belief. For example I started to get proud of him when he realized he could break apart almost everything and recreate it even better and as a major plus he could add skills to them. He even points out he could do this to armor and clothes and then he...... forgets. Hey I could mix metals and monster materials to make amazing weapons.... he only does four times by chapter 106. He experiments very little and just is so brain dead it hurts to read. Author (and readers) please go read stuff like Stop! Friendly Fire! and then come back and rewrite this atrocity. <<less
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Kenpachi Zaraki
Kenpachi Zaraki rated it
April 6, 2020
Status: c25
The MC is dumb, naive and innocent to the real world. Though I guess the world he lives in is a lot more innocent than ours. He just acts so exploitable, it bothers me


he is always like "oh, I have an infinite source of income, poor me." and "I guess I'm an exception of a blacksmith boohoo it's all I have" Why do you keep b****ing when you are pretty much a money machine that scales in strength to the materials you get

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mangalife rated it
December 22, 2020
Status: --

MC for almost 102 chapters so far does not realize his own value. Super underconfident and does not realize how strong his occupation is.

He can create things from nothing but is still so s*upid.

Whenever anyone thanks him for his abilities he shrugs it off like its not really because of me. Basically he is bestowing weapons or armor with S level skills but is not realizing how much that changes the other peoples performance. He even creates armor for a girl and right after she uses it her abilities... more>> are boosted and she even thanks him but he assumes that its her own ability. He does this multiple times to where it becomes super annoying that he does not realize how big of an effect his abilities are having. He is granting S level abilities to armor or weapons but doesn't acknowledge its effect.... it seems utterly s*upid

He literally cannot think for himself and has no goals almost.

He even is complacent in leveling up..... does not want to leave village or go find stronger dungeons...

Also a absolute f*** wimp. He ignores every single girl romantic interest which it becomes annoying after a while that he doesn't form a party or anything....I mean it repeats over and over people like him but he ignores it and is super underconfident....

I think the author is an idiot honestly. I would have ignored it but atleast after 102 chapters he should realize he can create things from nothing..... for almost 70-80 chapters he thinks his ability is not all that.....

Other people constantly tell him dont expose your ability or it could be dangerous for you... If people have to tell you more than once than you're an idiot not to realize. <<less
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Animeninja808 rated it
October 31, 2019
Status: c19
Great novel, I might be saying this because I’m a fan of JRPG’s but I love stories where you go out fight monsters, collect materials which ultimately turn into a item of epic proportions.
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DimaShishandra rated it
October 1, 2019
Status: c5
I can't get why this novel is SO underrated. Premise is quite standard but it has it's own features. MC is not dumb and he doesn't become OP right from second chapter. When people are finding his job world doesn't turn against MC.

I agree that childhood friend who became hero is cliche. Same about underrated job and job system overall. But at least behavior of characters is quite logical
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sal880612m rated it
August 21, 2020
Status: c85
It’s hard to say this is a good story. It’s riddled with issues and flaws. The characters have little to no real development. At best they have distinction from each other. The MCs choices are naive and show a clear lack of foresight and understanding. Everything thing goes a too well, too often and the author says this shouldn’t be possible for the MC then has him do it anyway because OP skills.

My issue reviewing this is that there are minor hints that the author may be improving or developing... more>> the cast, world and their writing skill but I could just be reading into something that isn’t there. Ie, a girl you expect to be background character with crush on the MC changes into something else, still with a crush on MC while on the other hand hand some characters are literally called something in the vein of Magician.

Thus far nothing makes this a must read. At best it’s a distraction, a cleanser after having read something heavy or finishing/catching up to a story you like.

As for not reading, don’t expect blacksmithing. The title is wordy but it’s also pretty succinct. This isn’t a story about blacksmithing, it’s a story about a character who received the blacksmith occupation, known as the weakest, becoming the strongest.

The MC is good natured and at least somewhat dense and if you’re looking for a hardcore, psychopath, edge lord Or dildo of an MC, look elsewhere. <<less
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novaes rated it
July 12, 2020
Status: c57
He's not a blacksmith at all. It deserves a 1star on principle for such an outrageous lie.

He just has a magic 3D printer- I mean "blacksmith hammer" that can break, upgrade and clone pretty much anything, including but not limited to furniture, potions and enchants. It would be an OK, generic fantasy adventure if the author stopped trying to pretend he's a blacksmith. Even the characters in the story think it's outrageous.

Want generic JP LN adventure with OP MC? Have a go.
Want to see someone make weapons and armour,... more>> or read a story with a plot? Just pass. <<less
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Cinque-39 rated it
April 24, 2020
Status: c64
This novel is one that's meant to be read while relaxing... It's better not to think too much of it as it's just for killing time and enjoyment. Some may not like it, some may so give it a try and find out.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
seaners23 rated it
November 20, 2019
Status: c27
So far this novel is pretty good. One thing that has me wondering though is whether or not he can really become the "strongest". Eventually he will probably be able to make Divine Treasure grade weapons, armor, accessories, and so on so he'll be decked out in godly gear but... what if he gives a set of godly gear to anyone else with a combat class? If they have the same gear then that person, someone like his childhood friend who has a hero class, would be far stronger in... more>> combat than the blacksmith class. I wonder if the author is going to make it so all the godly gear that the MC crafts is going to be soulbound/bind on pickup/NO DROP/ect. just so the story stays true to the title. <<less
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Gadget rated it
June 29, 2021
Status: v1c8
1-The protagonist isn't a balcksmith at all. He has a crafting cheat that allows him to instantly break and remake items (including potions) with his creation hammer. It's unable to make anything new, has to rely on things that were already made. -That, alone, destroy 50% of the reason why someone would want to read the story

2-The protagonist has little common sense, and is s*upid (unless the author needs him to be smart to save a girl). -That destroy another 25% of the reason why someone would want to read... more>> the story, because there would be no street smarts or creativity on the protagonist part (unless the author needs him to).

3-Blacksmith job being useless because "god blessing give high quality items" is a poor excuse to make the protagonist an underdog. People need more than a single item in their lives. -That's lazy and flawed worldbuilding. Another 15% less reason to read this.

The last 10% attraction should be the harem, but with the low quality protagonist, the harem needs to be dumbed down for them to fall for him. So there goes any reason to read this. <<less
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IAmAdicted rated it
April 4, 2021
Status: c108
MC: *uses his abilities without care*

One of the first females he met: "Don't use your abilities in front of others easily, they are too OP, you will get exploited."

MC: "OK, I didn't realize how OP I am, I won't use them, I will even give 50% of my profits to you since I want to hide that I can make all this stuff."

New female: *introduces herself*

MC: ... more>>

"YOu KnOw I cAN MaKe AnyThiNg I am BasiCalLy a God, wiThoUt anY mAtEriaLs tOo, but still I am so dense and shy, UwU."



MC always speaks about leaving his hometown to search for new materials to make stronger stuff with his skills, but still he stays because he likes to work in his foster parents inn, even though he works only once a week now and he is complaining that in the area around his town only has low rank dungeons.

The original mission to become strong to help his childhood friend is forgotten at this point, it is all about making himself feel good. He could've gotten so much stronger and that would help everybody in the WORLD, but he enjoys working at his inn, feeding refuges and fixing actress costumes. Now I am not saying that this is wrong thing to do, but he can do so much more. He can, with his mana, make potions that regenerate his mana, stamina, health whatever, so he can literally help everybody while fighting non stop and he chooses not to in order to hide his talents, that he reveals anyway to every girl he meets. And attempts to make himself humble, like someone will say "You are so amazing!" and MC is like "No, that is just my power." Well it's your power, given to you. If anything, it makes him look s*upid, not humble and honestly he is wasting his power anyway so he might as well deflect all praise to his power.


Anyways, I get addicted to s*upid stuff anyway, so I just had to read this to the end. Anyone from FullMetal Alchemist would have a heart attack if they saw how MC's abilities work, equivalent exchange lol... <<less
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S.D. rated it
December 25, 2019
Status: c37
No idea why it has such a bad rating at the moment, it isn't terrible enough to deserve a 3.1 average. Regretfully, as I am now I'm unable to give this novel more than 3 stars, because that's what I rated "Someday Will I Be the Greatest Alchemist", which is a very similar novel to this one. If I've read it a year ago it would had been 4 or even 5 stars from me.

Main issues I have with this novel are:

  1. Cheesiness of his supposedly useless skill. I mean I very much prefer when a supposedly useless skill has some niche use or a tricky loophole that would allow MC to grow strong. What happens instead is MC very fast becomes a swiss knife of a character that can solve pretty much everything, which includes being a combatant that won't lose to his peers. Stories like that tend to deteriorate as they progress.
  2. Fanservice stuff, lot of it. His work colleagues are girls, his trade partner is a girl, his client whom he helped to sort out a serious issue is a girl, his temporary adventure partner is a girl, and his childhood friend who got the hero title is also a girl. Standard harem where girls are quickly into him but MC doesn't notice.
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Aho555 rated it
October 11, 2019
Status: c56
The writing is about as simple as other 1/5 star novels

MC's cheat is about as ridiculous as those "walk to gain XP", or "eat to gain XP and abilities" kinds.

Add 1 star for the creative way MC uses his abilities and the way it's depicted to make it interesting.

Add 1 more star for MC not being pathetic and a decent human, and his interactions with other characters not being badly written. Also for the slight H flavour in his encounters with other female characters.
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dJava rated it
March 14, 2021
Status: c108
I really dont understand how these jp author think like

They made the MC as s*upid as fck

They made the MC as "horny teen" who somehow attract all woman, but is timid as fck

... more>> They made MC power op but without any logic


I saw light in the darkness.

After MC understood more about his power, he start gain more confident, and be more "smart".


Its like the author is just joking

The MC is somewhat gain more brain. But its more like he has double personality.

Sometimes he smart & "brave"

But more often he still is a fckhead <<less
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VersatileFaerie rated it
June 17, 2020
Status: c27
It started off fine and had a good story plot in mind but as it goes on it gets worse and worse. It is almost like the writer is slowly getting more and more bored with writing the story. Also, it isn't just the MC who is dense as the tag suggests, all the characters seem dense and even ones who seem smart at the beginning seem to be slowly dumbed down for the sake of an easy story and drama.
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