Eight Hundred Pirate Kings


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Finding himself in the world of pirates, Wexford gained the ability to clone the Pirate Kings of the parallel worlds.

Garp, who has dominated the four seas; Katakuri, who led the Charlotte family to rise to power; and the king of the underground world, Doflamingo.

Thanks to his ability, a number of parallel worlds Pirate Kings, gathered under the pirate flag of Wexford.

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7starkiller99 rated it
July 12, 2021
Status: c126
This is a terribly written extremely bare bones book.

summary is bad so here's the actual deal:

MC magically (without reason) has a Warehouse (storage) system that gives him s*ave copies of One Piece characters from alternate reality scenarios. They magically just appear with no cost and just drop out like sign in products over a period of days.

... more>> They are mindless drones that obey the MC and the author pretends they actually have agency.

MC gets 20% of their strength and gets special missions now and then (after 5 are gotten) etc to get their full potential. At no point is the MC ever in any danger. MC can just sit around and magically the system will transport people based on a 50 day or so unlock system which MC can speed up with prestige (causing chaos) or by reading poneglyphs.

The power scaling is absolute nonsense, with Mc's super OP team somehow struggling against the mainline one piece world he is in. They should be able to kill the entire navy easily. Mainly they just defeat their foes and then leave.

Novel has no goal. MC just wandering because he feels like it. It's as if the author had no concept in mind and just slapped a ton of what if scenarios into a story. There's some initial novelty that wears off once you realize author can't spare more than a single initial backstory paragraph set for the alternate world characters and very sparse meetings.

Basically: crossover novel with no emphasis on what the crossover means. People just accept everything that happens.

Very boring and terrible novel + MC with no motivations + Lots of murder + Terrible Chinese fanfiction knockoffs in the supposed main world of One Piece + Impossible power scaling.

Not advised to read. Garbage fanfiction. <<less
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