Ehh? Am I Going to Be the Wife of a Chubby Duke?


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“Luxida,” the fourth daughter of a poor Earl’s family, one day receives the news from her parents about her future marriage.

However, it turns out to be an astonishing arrangement—she is to marry into one of the two major ducal families in the kingdom, the Zecksern family, a collateral branch of the royal family.

What? The fourth daughter of a poor Earl’s family becoming a Duchess? Is that even possible?

Luxida is taken aback by the news, but her prospective partner, Lord Elweed, seems to be quite an enigmatic figure, having rejected numerous marriage proposals from various noble daughters. Just who is he, and what will be Luxida’s fate?

How will their married life unfold? This is a story that begins with marriage and delves into an otherworldly romance, showcasing Luxida’s journey.

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Ehh? Am I The One Going to Be the Wife of a Chubby Duke?
え? 私がぽっちゃり公爵の嫁になるんですか?
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Novel_lover7 rated it
October 26, 2023
Status: Completed
Such a lovely fluff story. I wish there was more. Bitin! But very good story and translation. Thank you for the hard work. It was very enjoyable read!
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chande rated it
September 16, 2023
Status: Completed
This story was so cute and sweet. I love how MC and ML's relationship developed. MC didn't give up on ML even though he was hard to interact and ML, although a bit timid and introvert, also gradually opened himself for the sake of MC. They both tried hard for their relationship to work. They really deserved their happy ending.
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