Economics of Prophecy ~ The Disaster Countermeasures of the Shrine Maiden Princess and the Reincarnated Merchant in Another World


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“Please listen. This year, a great calamity will befall this country from the west.” Princess Alfina receives an ominous prophecy in a peaceful kingdom. However, her words are ignored due to her lineage as a despised rebel. The protagonist, Ricardo, who was reincarnated from a college student in the economics department to a merchant’s child, struggles against the interference of powerful merchants in a class-based society. He quickly earns the animosity of his peers at the academy where he sought information. It was Alfina who protected Ricardo. Ricardo, who tries to distance himself from a volatile person like a princess, is criticized by his childhood friend for being “easily fooled despite acting like a strategist,” and he becomes entangled in the princess’s prophecy. “The plausibility is not the issue. What matters is how to obtain data that can verify the success or failure of a hypothesis.” Against the prophecy that only shows the aftermath and not the source of the calamity, Ricardo uses his knowledge of modern concepts to unravel the mysteries of magical disasters.

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The Economics of Prophecy
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miscalculation2 rated it
March 8, 2024
Status: --
Bought the first volume on Amazon so I will be reviewing that.

Story: a guy transmigrates and uses his knowledge of economics and statistics to carve out a living in a fantasy world despite being a commoner.

At the same time, the saintess receives a prophetic vision but nobody believes her, except MC. Together, they find out the truth of the matter.

... more>> Pros:

- this is not a power fantasy. MC has no skills besides his modern knowledge. Everything remains relatively grounded.


- not a harem yet but I can see it evolving in that direction.

- relatively shallow characters <<less
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