Easygoing Atelier Life ~May and the Fluffy Miniature Garden~


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Before she realized, a high schooler died and was reborn into another world!?

With a perceived talent for alchemy she finds herself summoned to another world.

But she’s never done alchemy before, so why..?

With her Guide, Ermine

And Guardian, Cocco

She’ll enjoy an easygoing life of potion-making and cooking in the miniature garden left to her by the World-Crossing Witch surrounded by her two fluffy companions!

And she plans to add more fluffy friends.

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Miniature Garden Chemister (1)
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
07/26/19 Ziru’s Musings c5
07/25/19 Ziru’s Musings c4
07/24/19 Ziru’s Musings c3
07/13/19 Ziru’s Musings c2
07/11/19 Ziru’s Musings c1
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