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A class of high school students were summoned to another world by a demon. They were made to participate in the demon’s game without any explanation and must capture the dungeon in order to return to their former world.

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Meikyuu Yuugi
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07/07/19 TrashMTL c51
07/06/19 TrashMTL c50
07/04/19 TrashMTL c49
07/04/19 TrashMTL c48
04/15/19 TrashMTL c47
04/10/19 TrashMTL c46
04/03/19 TrashMTL c45
01/03/19 TrashMTL c44
12/28/18 TrashMTL c43
12/23/18 TrashMTL c42
12/21/18 TrashMTL c41
12/14/18 TrashMTL c40
12/04/18 TrashMTL c39
12/02/18 TrashMTL c38
11/29/18 TrashMTL c37
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MrPhatPhuck rated it
June 7, 2018
Status: c10
Interesting novel so far but has some very strong adult themes.

  • Has potential to be very good or very bad
  • Well written and translated
  • Lots of characters and back story in prologue, names and characters can be forgettable though
  • Stuff does happen and pacing seems ok
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Asf rated it
November 3, 2018
Status: Completed
Instead of an ecchi novel with a side storyline, dungeon game is a story novel with the ecchi unlocked.

The class transfer dungeon crawler setting feels similar to arifureta in the beginning.

Theres lots of conflict and drama..

... more>> While a lot of people really die.. Even some of the important characters.

Theres rape, murder, betrayal, bullying, etc2.

But the ecchi scene in this novel isnt really that good.

So if you read this novel then its for the survival story rather than not.

As for the MC? Hes a stalker that managed to get his hand on his dream girl. He's generally like a loyal servant dog to the main girl..

He doesnt say no to any of her request.. So if youre not into that than maybe you should skip this.

The action is pretty decent since the people die for real and you can feel the danger..

All in all its pretty interesting.. And if youre looking for that dungeon survival story than this is your novel. <<less
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zarvi rated it
July 12, 2018
Status: c21
Its one quite of a decent dungeon survival story i've read for now. It doesn't seem to be rated highly so even though its only few chapters I tried writing a short review.

The MC is not wimp and can voice his own opinion. His looks seem to be average from hsi self assessment but he seem to be good with studies and athletics. His only flow is his yandere stalkerish trait for his crush. I also like that the MC was not given any special privilage like cheat.

One thing I... more>> don't like about class transfer/summon are that multiple chatacters are introduced at once enough to forget who is who at the begining.

The characters have their own perosnality and not everyone is a stereotype so I can feel the social drama that I usualy in survival stories.

The rape tag also is not too acurate.

as of c21 there is really no one forced to have s*x, atleast no one with sentient. He only used the imitation enemy doll he defeated who have the apearance of his crush for his s*xual desire. It doesn't even have a sentient. And it turn out that his feelings with his crush is mutual too

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