Duke, the Venue of Proposal Is Wrong!


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One day, she suddenly became a spirit.

She wondered if she was walking on a flowery path and a path of money, away from the family that persecuted her. She can’t believe that no one can see the spirit, so she’s pretending to be a fraud. However, Duke Hailton, wo was called the sword of the Empire, came.

“Lady Elonia. Please marry me. We need someone who can deceive us as spirit summoner.”

“Duke, may I… Do you believe in spirits?”


“You don’t believe me, but I’m a real spirit summoner.”

“……I see. Send her back to her cell.”

What are you talking about?

Elonia Devney, became a fake spirit summoner from today.

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공작님, 청혼 장소가 틀렸어요!
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