Dressed as the Film Emperor’s Fiancée


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Yu Mian was an orphan since childhood. Fortunately, there are still some good people who give her subsidies, and the kind man is a Little star.

With gratitude, she became the first fan of the little star, gave him a message of encouragement, helped him get in the rankings, tearing up the black spots for him and accompanied him in silence, all the way to the top of the entertainment circle, winning the Best Actor trophy.

Yu Mian thought that she would guard him silently for the rest of her life, but in a car accident, she reincarnated as Yu MianMian, the fiancee of the Film Emperor.

On her first day as You MianMian, the Film Emperor appeared in front of her. Before Yu Mian could recover from the joy of seeing her idol, she saw a Cold faced man handing over a piece of paper. The tone was low and indifferent: “We are getting married just for the Family, we just need to act accordingly on the scene”.

Yu Mian nodded with Star eyes, took the contract and smiled. Idols are used to look up to. As a qualified fan, she is satisfied with being able to get close to them.

Once dressed as the Miss of a wealthy family, Yu Mian, a petty citizen, just wanted to eat and wait for death, and throw money at idols!
But the idol who was supposed to be a good performer, sees her eyes becoming more and more wrong?

One day, the Film Emperor blocked her in the corner: “When will we get married?”
Yu Mian blinked in confusion: “Didn’t you said that you don’t want to get married too early?”
The Film Emperor gritted his teeth secretly: “I changed my mind, and suddenly wanted to try how is it like to be called Husband by you.”

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Kiwi Sama is an INTP
Kiwi Sama is an INTP rated it
April 6, 2022
Status: Completed
Hello ! I am the current Translator of the novel " Dressed as Film Emperor's Fiancée".

As a Fan myself of idols, I can somehow relate to the story.

The story is about our FL, who woke up in the body of her idol's Fiancée of the similar name ! Later the story goes on describing the situation of both sides, the body of the original owner and the body of the FL.

The story has notable fluff, cute and few emotional scenes along with funny yet quite common encounters a typical fan... more>> might face.

I recommend the story to everyone who likes fluff, slow burn romance, isekai-ed stories.

Anyways, I will try to frequently update the novel and I hope you enjoy it ~ and send some love to the author too !

Replying to the @readers:- Fear not ! I will not drop the series, as well maybe dropping some spoiler about extra episode in my next update ;) ?

Thank you for reading ! ;) My other translator works:-

1) Dressed as Male Protagonist's Step-sister

2) Dressed as Film Emperor's Fiancée <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kiena_sky rated it
April 6, 2022
Status: Completed
This was a cute, short and fluffy romance. It also had some emotional scenes - I ended up tearing up towards the end. However, overall it's a low angst novel with a happy ending. The FL dies and ends up transmigrating into a body of a girl in the same timeline/world she is from.

This is a bit different from most transmigration novels because in this one she actually gets to find out what happens to her body after she died in her first life.

Spoilers and more details below:

... more>>

The FL died as an orphan at the age of 20 years old. Her parents died when she was 10. She thought that no one would care about her death but it turns out that the boy she had a crush on at school loved her. You could consider them childhood sweethearts. He left and went to study piano abroad without confessing to her but upon learning about her death he returns and is heartbroken. He always thought he'd have a chance when he returned but he was too late. Unfortunately, he is not the ML.

The ML is a film emperor who the FL has been a huge fan of for 8 years. He donated money that helped her after her parents died and because of this she became his fan. There is another connection between the two of them but I won't spoil it. When she transmigrates, she happens to become this film emperor's fiance.


The FL is pretty calm but she is a crier. She tears up quite a lot especially towards the end of the novel. There is a bit of a slow build-up in the relationship between the leads. The FL and ML meet in the first 10 chapters. It is not until about 40 chapters later that they meet again face to face though. The first half of the novel is mostly focused on the FL living her new life. Her new life basically gives her everything she lost in her first life (a loving family) as well as opportunities to study in the career of her choice. She's really optimistic and enthusiastic about living again.

I will say that the novel feels a bit too rushed towards the end. Once they officially get together and sort out 'the secret' that was holding them back from properly being together, the author does like this fast-forward thing in the last 15 chapters. You don't really get to see how their relationship advances slowly because of this. I saw the author's notes stating that he/she? Is not used to writing 'romantic' scenes though so I understand now. There are still a few cute scenes throughout the novel between the two of them though, so it's not a complete loss. I just wish there had been more.


The second thing I didn't like about the novel was how they ended things with her childhood sweetheart. I just felt so bad for that guy. I know it was his own fault for not confessing earlier when he had the chance but I'm just the kind of person who wants a happy ending for everyone I guess. I just wished the author had added on more chapters with him at least coming to a point where he works through her death properly. I'd like to imagine he falls in love again. He deserves his own story!


I did end up MTL-ing this novel by searching the Chinese title online and using google translate. The translation was fairly easy to follow and there are only 101 chapters for the novel.

I just want to say 'thank you' to the translator as I would not have found this novel if it wasn't first translated here. I hope you finish continue to translate and don't drop the novel because it's really cute. I'm not sure if there are maybe extra chapters? Maybe some more details about their love and marriage in the future? I'd really like to know @moonlight novels. <<less
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