Entertainment’s Villainess Lost Her Memories!


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Jiang Zheng, the Great Villainess of the Entertainment Industry, was cold-faced and got a poisonous tongue. She should’ve been blacklisted for offending many people but she got great acting talent, she has soared since her debut. Fans love her for her strength, her poisonous tongue, her courage to tell the truth bluntly, her talent and pride.

But suddenly one day, Great Jiang Zheng lost her memory, and fell back to the age of eighteen, when she just entered the entertainment industry that year.

For a time, the entire entertainment circle and all the fans:……Oh my god, our villainess is actually a little sweetheart on the inside! ! ! !

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Meatshield rated it
January 6, 2021
Status: Completed
Fluffy. Inoffensive. Cute and short read.

The amnesia plot was a little redundant because the FL’s personality changes weren’t very evident? Although, she’s a little softer, she still has a poisonous tongue and she’s very tsun with our ML lol. Because she doesn’t want to be caught as the ML’s longtime diehard fan, she’s not as cutesy with him as the synopsis would imply.

However, their interactions are cute. Our ML is super refreshing in that he isn’t an overbearing control freak or a cold and repressed block of ice. He’s more... more>> or less like his onscreen persona which is something like kind older brother though his offscreen persona is more cheeky. For example, he’s not against pretending to be scared of the dark to snuggle against our FL. While he proclaims that he doesn’t like fierce and cool queen-like types like the FL at first, the moment she shows him some goodwill he falls hard and fast.

Legit the first time she smiled at him, he was so stunned, he fell into the pool LOL


I really liked the plots of the movies and variety shows the two participated in because they’re very creative and interesting, especially the escape room type variety show the leads did together.

I was shook that the director included an escape the cultist island plot. Couldn’t imagine seeing that on TV in a real variety show.


Overall, not a super complicated read but a good time killer. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 8, 2021
Status: c39
Hmmmmmmm tbh I have high hope about this one since most reviews mentioned fluff, comedic & cute. Don't get me wrong, this novel does have those, but to me, idk... The writing/story feels kinda bland?

Unlike many cn novels romances' progress that works outside acting/filming, in this novel, the romance grows while FL & ML were acting together. And ML is the one who's chasing the FL.

... more>>

I dont really mind how this one works but delving into their filming scene & variety shows is kinda boring to me. It seems to me that the romance progress didnt really grow once they have a vacation or something. Though ML do 'stalk' FL from time to time & make everything seems like a coincidence just to see her....


I want to know how FL will change her mindset from being a fan to see ML as a man, but right now, im going to pause from reading this one. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 24, 2022
Status: c62
It was the cutest novel I have ever read. My jaw hurts from too much smiling. Very recommended you won't be disappointed. Im waiting for the extras to come since I mtled it. My favorite character was Ji Yume. He is very different from other mls and is just so new to me. Considering that this is a chinese novel and they like cold and domineering mls too much.
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maximusthefanboy rated it
June 3, 2021
Status: Completed
I'm giving it a 3.7 to be honest. I just feel like, it could've been better if her changes were evident and people could see her sweet side more. Because what's the use of her amnesia if they couldn't see her other side? I mean the story is cute and hilarious and it's a good read, but to be honest not as great as some says.
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chrissy987 rated it
January 4, 2021
Status: c25
I've MTL-ed some chapters of this novel before and it's hilarious hahah

The MC is hiding her fan girl mode and that give rise to some pretty funny misunderstanding with the ML. The ML is not the usual cold oppressive guy lol He *tries* to be cool in front of the MC but it comes off as cute heheh

I appreciate that while he is a film emperor but is considered"junior" to the MC.

All in all, so far enjoying the novel, a good read for now!
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