Dressed as a Shady Villain’s Marriage Partner


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“Business World” chronicles the Machiavellian rise of the Si family to supremacy in the business realm. Employing intricate schemes, they managed to overshadow their biggest adversary, Lu Huan. Employing a facade of matrimony, the Si family strategically wedded, designating their most compliant ‘black sheep’ as an expendable pawn.

In a stroke of literary dexterity, the formidable Lu family was irrevocably shattered by the machinations surrounding this ostensibly ‘insignificant’ member.

Lu Huan’s consciousness was abruptly rekindled before his fatal car accident, igniting a surge of pent-up resentment and granting him a second lease on life just before his nuptials.

Confronting the marriage certificate, Lu Huan’s lips curled into a sardonic grin, “Very well.”


By a twist of cosmic destiny, Yu Baihan transmigrated into the role of the Si family’s ‘black sheep’. On the auspicious occasion of his wedding night, he found himself face-to-face with his enigmatic titular spouse. Unperturbed by appearances, he ventured boldly into uncharted territories.

Yu Baihan laid there serenely: “I adore you, come indulge me with your affections.”

In the ensuing heartbeat, Lu Huan’s fingers pinched Yu Baihan’s chin, his words weaving a deliberate cadence, “I’m intrigued to fathom the depth of your desires…”

Yu Baihan shifted his stance flirtatiously, “How about a little unexpected surprise?”

Lu Huan’s response hovered in the air: ” …”

Yu Baihan comprehended—Lu Huan had an appetite for this kind of thing.


In a groundbreaking narrative turn, Lu Huan commandeered the plot to exact retribution upon the Si family. Their dynastic structure lay in ruins, internal strife proliferated, and heirs vied for dominance. Unmasking his true persona, Lu Huan orchestrated a schism, irreparably cleaving the two family legacies.

Within the recesses of the Lu family estate, Lu Huan reclined in an armchair, half-shrouded in obscurity. His gaze rested on Yu Baihan, resembling an observer of a theatrical spectacle, “What are your thoughts?”

Yu Baihan playfully applauded like a seal, “Marvelous! When you blossom, butterflies shall flock naturally; If your brilliance shines, the divine orchestrates!”

Lu Huan: “…”


In due course, the narrative spun into disarray, akin to a stray hound vanishing without a trace.

Anticipation simmered as the Si family’s ‘prodigal son’ teetered on the brink of expulsion, the burgeoning power of the Lu family poised to expel him. Even the underlings of the Lu family meticulously calculated the hours, preparing for the climactic reckoning of this ‘misfit’.

Yet, surprise and bewilderment swept through the ranks as they beheld Lu Huan marching purposefully into the master bedroom, Yu Baihan enshrouded in blankets. The latter wore a look of eager anticipation: “Show your vigor, Lu Huan! Have you skipped a meal?”


The bedroom door resounded with a finality that left the underlings flummoxed.

Subordinate: ???

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Dressed as the marriage partner of the gloomy villain
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7 Reviews

Oct 17, 2022
Status: Completed
If you're looking for some comedy that isn't completely just a tiny bit crack, this is a pretty decent novel. There's none of that brain twisting drama or mystery to be found. However, the author makes use of a lot of internet jargon and memes that require a little bit of context to understand.

... more>>

For instance, one of MC's favorite phrases is a Poke'mon reference "I choose you, Pikahuan!"


The incorrigible MC is so silly, he leaves the reborn revenge-driven ML stunned. Witness as MC's s*upidity wears off on ML, causing them to fall into dumb shenanigans that are spurred on by ML's equally airheaded friends.

Obviously the best gift for a newlywed couple is a pair of whacky inflatable air dancers with their faces on them in their front lawn.

The romance comes slowly after MC and ML try to continually one-up each other with hilarious results.


At one point they try to compete in vocabulary and both claim to have spectacular intellect and memorization capabilities, only to catch each other sleep deprived cheat studying in the dead of night. 🤣 No winners, only losers.

15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 14, 2023
Status: c107
This is super adorable and sweet! Yu Baihan is so f*cking hilarious, just cuz Lu Huan said he didn't like the innocent types, Baihan automatically thinks he likes the wild types and role-playing HAHAHAHAHAHA

... more>>

Baihan calling Lu Huan different things: Dr. Lu, Coach Lu, Commander Lu, Classmate Lu, Senior Lu, Alpha, etc

My Fav Funny Scenes:

On a yacht with Lu Huan's friends; Lu Huan goes to take a shower but comes back to Baihan and a broken waterbed (Baihan jumped too hard and broke it), so they (both Baihan and Lu Huan are still soaking wet) ask his friends for another room to sleep in AND HIS FRIENDS THINK LU HUAN F-ED SO HARD AND BROKE THE WATER BED IN 20 MINS HAHAHAHAHAHA

Dr. Zhong leaves medical records for Baihan saying they should limit themselves to bedroom activities to once a week. And Baihan changes it to TEN TIMES A WEEK. Then Lu Huan comes back from work and recognizes that the record was tampered with, AND THEN CHANGES IT TO A THOUSAND TIMES A WEEK TO SCARE BAIHAN. Then later Dr. Zhong comes back for the next checkup and looks at the medical records AND IS SPEECHLESS. He says he hasn't had a patient change their records ever, and THEY NOT ONLY CHANGED IT ONCE BUT TWICE. SO HE CHANGES IT TO +∞ TIMES A WEEK HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 15, 2022
Status: Completed
I had to MTL the whole story.

It is an interesting story between Yu Banhai and Lu Huan. Their interaction is good and funny. Especially LH who always pampered YB. YB is so protective of LH yet not OP.

A few villain in the story in the story yet I'm glad author didn't concentrate much on them. I hate angst and prolong drama especially those who doesn't have common sense.

Anyway it's a good fluffy marshmallow couple.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 26, 2023
Status: c21-72
The summary does not lie. The story aka the author really like to play with words in here.

So the characters aka MC and ML themselves know they actually play with elegant words. It was the intention aka actual part of plot! It's INTERESTING!

MC is funny! Easy going and friendly but definitely not saint. He's enjoying his life, but also on ML's side and actually trying to help him defeat the Bad Si Family in his own way.

ML's Friends was great fun of bunches too. The one who help people think... more>> the relationship between MC and ML was very intimate. Because they do kinda misunderstood. Half was intentional by MC and ML, and the other half was unintentionally. But it was a Very Fun Hilariously Great Misunderstanding!!!

Anyway so far I'm in, things are going smooth. No problem so far. Everything was Fun and Epic! Hope the rest would stay so!

Pray the translation wont drop! 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 Because the translator did great delivers the elegant words the characters use!


Updated at 13 September 2023:

I just realized they're not Bickering Couple. But a Playful One! They don't Bickers. MC's Funny Personalities and ML is very Observant in a very short time living with him. Understanding him well with all the playfulness ~

The Development in their relationship is Also Very Pleasant~! Not slow nor fast. I'm Pleased so far. ❤️ Updates at 20 November 2023:

OMG!!! Our MC has Great s*xual Appetite!!! 🤭 He LOOOOVE the non s*xual Intimacy so much. But when he finally taste the Steamy one, he keep want it everyday!!! Lol 😂

Our ML actually also have Great s*xual Appetite too, but he's Shy and truly care for our MC's health. So he held back. Because our MC easily get sick when he overindulge. Poor their Private Doctor. Lmao 🤣

They're Sooooooo CUTE!!! The Sweetest Couple Ever!!! <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 21, 2023
Status: c17
not as angsty as I expected considering the setting and all. MC proves through his actions that he's on ML's side. That and their playful banter *cough* roleplay*cough* makes for a very plesant read. MC has a distinct charm and presence.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 12, 2022
Status: c114
So far, it's quite good. The MC transmigrate, and the ML rebirth to revenge. There's a lot of Miss communicate between them but shameless things make them together. Shameless MC, try to change his ending by helping the ML, and ML want to make the mc's family down. Looks like a bloody drama, but actually it's cute story with no confront between the main couple. Just.. Sometimes these two attitude (mainly the MC) really annoying for me. Idk why.. But the MC actually pretty good, he know when to act... more>> like spoiled kid, tease ML but still sensitive with ML's mood. And ML have a big heart to the mc's abnormal thinking even his face look stingy. These two completed each other. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 03, 2024
Status: c72
the novel have intertwining past grudges and revenge especially for ML goal, As the story went on it will be slowly changed on how MC interacts with the characters. MC is really friendly and got to know more people like ml's friends haha. He's really straightforward like he knows ML is his type se he goes for it, even having the thought that ML likes role playing ahaha but the result was good both of them gets into the charcter of role playing once?most of the timexD

The MC is so... more>> funny and can divert the situation to hilarious event leaving the ML stunned. Witness as MC's hilariousness wears off on ML and his original revenge to focus on getting to know more about MC and loving him~

The romance comes With sweet development, their first new yr was around chap 70 and Lu huan really prepared for this special night! Hahaha will wait for tha full translated chapters^^ C.G. Really good on their translations <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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