Dreams Come True 2.0


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The upgraded version of Dreams Come True has just been randomly released on all planes of existence! After installation, players can enter their physical data to play. The game starts automatically once the player falls asleep, simulating various s*xual scenarios through dreams, giving players the most realistic and enjoyable s*xual experience!

President Lu had always longed to be f*cked by men, but never thought that he could realise this dream, until one day, he accidentally downloaded a game, and began an unexpectedly satisfying journey.

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aevdn rated it
July 12, 2022
Status: Completed
DCT2 is a lot like the first novel, except for a few (advantageous, imo) differences:

    • there is a lot less noncon/dubcon, since the MC is pretty much stoked for everything that happens,
    • it's a lot longer. In my memory, DCT is about 20 or so chapters, while this is well over sixty,
    • which of course means a lot more scenarios and settings, and the author even plays around with different time periods and fantasy settings, whereas DCT only had same-universe scenes.
All in all, as I see it DCT2 really is an upgraded version of the first novel. For those who aren't familiar with that though, I'd recommend always checking tags and content warnings, as the stuff in this novel is pretty depraved.
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ylial rated it
July 13, 2022
Status: c21
About the debauchery life of MC. Just smut. And I like stories similar to this than some angst torture smut.

Less one star since the v1 is better; the meat scenes here seem to be repetitive with just different scenarios. I wish there's also an ML here. But I guess there's none since the MC is really a hoe (doing everyone w/ consent) unlike in the v1, in which the MC is forced.

Will continue reading when I'm free and rerate, hopefully to 5 if I encounter a good scene!
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