Dragon Encounter


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Youyi returned to her Grandma’s hometown to take a break after taking the college entrance examination and found an extremely large white snake(!?) near the ancient well at her house.

The white snake raised its head to look at her directly. Then it spoke to her: “Youyi, I am your husband.”

Youyi rubbed her forehead in confusion: “I think I’m still dreaming.”

The white snake quietly curled around her smooth exposed calf and accidentally looked under her skirt before retreating. It spoke again before quickly vanishing into the ancient well: “Wait for me tonight.”

(1v1, Human x Snake, Human x Human Form, Human x Dragon)

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11/29/23 Foxaholic 18 c3
12/01/23 Foxaholic 18 c2
11/25/23 Foxaholic 18 c1
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