Don’t Shame The Villainess


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“The venomous snake hidden among the roses.”

Elegant as a red rose, but concealing venomous teeth ready to strike an opponent’s neck at the same time.

That was what people called Leticia Laima.

Her fiance, a duke, abandoned her and cheated on her with a baron’s illegitimate daughter. Funnily enough, although he betrayed her, everyone called the Duke’s and his mistress’ love the romance of the century. Meanwhile, Leticia was accused of being the villainess.

“I will destroy her!”

It was when Leticia was planning her revenge.


At a tea party hosted by the Crown Princess.

She went down like a villainess in a romance novel. She drank poison, vomited blood and collapsed. Then ten days later… She barely survived the threshold of death and opened her eyes.

Zed, who had been supporting her for seven years, noticed something strange.

“How…how old are you now?”

“I’m seven years old.”

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Figgio rated it
July 8, 2020
Status: c4
I'm not a big fan of the "villainess" pity party subgenre and I'm even less of a fan of otoisekai-type stories written from the perspective of the (obvious) ML, but here's how the first couple chapters read like to me:

"Gosh, just because My Lady looks down on lesser nobles/commoners, takes advantage of people's vulnerabilities, destroys reputations for her own petty sense of justice, terrifies everyone, one-sidedly harasses the woman her man was trying to cheat on her with despite her apparently famous attempts at turning him down, takes no action... more>> against her cheating beloved, and I'm pretty sure she's about to go to prison for mu*der... That doesn't mean she's a villainess! It's all a misunderstanding! They just hate her because she's beautiful and has good eyebrows. Fake news from the lying media!" Lol yeah okay sir white knight.

Now, this is potentially setup for an unreliable narrator, especially because I don't think the Heroine came back to be Our Holy Saintess White Lotus, as both the knight and many commenters have assumed. I think it's more likely they'll reveal you need a handful of salt whenever MC states his thoughts on what's happened.

Unfortunately I found this too slow-paced and dull to find out for sure. IDK how y'all can sit through paragraphs of eye color descriptions, but these chapters were dragging for me. Hate when I can recognize a quality translation but my subconscious notices I could skip the next five paragraphs and still understand the plot. <<less
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jkumi7 rated it
August 11, 2020
Status: c8
Holy sh*t! After reading the available chapters and a few more spoilers, I am simply gaping and excited about what lies ahead.

Other people may see this as tiring or useless details, but here we go. First, the narrator, from what we've seen so far, has been Zed, Leticia's knight (the villain). He is very peculiar, if we observe that he judges Leticia by what she is with him and by the understanding of her actions through his years of living together. Leticia is a practical and arrogant noble woman. And... more>> I don't see why so many people score this so much, judging what each of these adjectives means. So, as a young and proud noblewoman, she would not let her dignity go to the mud simply because of the mistakes of others (aka hideous bastard Duke). It is obvious that she would retail!

I honestly think that most people don't read the synopsis properly, let alone the information that the NU staff makes available here, such as the tags. Since the prologue it is crystal clear like Leticia has a mind full of schemes. It seems like some people wants her to cry and despair that the disgusting fiance betrayed her (yes, betrayed! They were engaged while Ludwig was with Yeverenik whatever).

Anyway.. Despite the events taking place slowly, it's a very detailed story, with well-founded characters, and I loved it. <<less
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Atb2305 rated it
May 27, 2020
Status: v1c1
The story is interesting so far.


The actually MC so far is not the villainess, but her knight.

I feel sorry for the villainess.

The 'Heroine' though, she's one of those people who think by visiting the person they caused misery to would be considered thoughtful, but actually is very inconsiderate.

But I guess it adds more thrill?? To the story.

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Monique rated it
June 5, 2020
Status: c1
It's more easily understood as "don't look down" on the villainess, rather than shame - but so far, christ I love villainess stories as much as any other, and this has an interesting concept so I'm diving straight in and not looking back!!!
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Bardura rated it
September 18, 2020
Status: c15
The premise seems it'd be really interesting, I mean a 7 years old girl in a body of a 21 years old Villaines lady hell yeah baby, but the way it's progressing makes it come as a dull story instead. I feel like this is gonna turn into another one of those crappy "she turned nice and feminine and it fixed all of her problems!" stories and I'm so sick of it *sigh*

I'll be reading more to find out whether it gets better or not but I wish she stayed... more>> as a evil and snarky queen because it seems she actually had some real reasons for acting that way.

On the other note, the male lead seems really interesing and I like the way the story is being narrated in his perspective. Thats probably the only reason I'll keep reading this. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ilana rated it
September 10, 2020
Status: c14
The farther I read the better this becomes. First you think it might be cliche but as you read on the characters are complex and their feelings of admiration and pride mixed with resentment and bitterness Etc really push forward the story. I like how human, sweet, humbly wise and imperfect the ML is and I enjoy how even the MC admits she likes the commoner who stole her fiancé and understands why he fell in love with her... etc. Translator is great but infrequent.
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