Don’t Pretend to be Good (Esports)


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Before entering the Team Wildfire through the power of nepotism, Zuo Tao did his research regarding the male god.

The male god liked those who played games well, were easy-going, didn’t speak too much, and were well-behaved.

Zuo Tao could only meet the first item on the checklist.

From the above circumstances, it could only be concluded that —

To catch his male god,

He had to pretend.


To capture his male god’s heart, Zuo Tao walked on egg shells and thin ice every single day, fearing that he might blurt out things that did not fit with his character.

Until one day, at the end of a match —

Zou Tao kept his character of being well-behaved and participated in the post-match review. After all his teammates had left, Zuo Tao couldn’t bear it any longer; he lit a cigarette and planned to fully appreciate the beautifully stunning mechanics displayed by the male god.

Through the screen, he looked at the enemies in disdain and said, “With all due respect, you are all just noobs in front of my husband.”

He couldn’t possibly help himself; he continued to lick and screen and cry while beholding the recording of the game, coming up with all kinds of brainless obscenities:

“Wuwuwu, my husband was awesome today.”

“I really want to kiss my husband.”

“Ah, husband, please face the sun —”

As the words left his mouth, his head raised as he looked up and his eyes met with that of the male god’s, Song Shihan, who had left but had come back.

Zuo Tao froze, choking on the cigarette smoke ring he’d been forming in his mouth. His head twitched and, without input from his consciousness, he offered his burning cigarette over, saying, “Husband… take a puff?”

As if he had discovered something interesting, Song Shihan leaned against the door frame, raising his eyebrow slightly as he asked: “What should ‘face the sun’?”


Song Shihan had discovered their new little support’s secret within the first month after he joined the team. After introducing himself, their little support made sure to appear ‘well-behaved, quiet, and didn’t talk much’. Although he’d only said a few words, his face was flushed so red he looked like he was about to bleed.

He did look like quite the good boy.

Until one day, while he was smoking on the balcony, he saw the well-behaved little support nimbly throw his stalker, who’d been bothering him for days, over his shoulder and onto the ground. The move was so smooth that he looked like a habitual fighter.

The expression on his face was brazen, his eyes looked down disdainfully, and he spoke like an a**hole, spitting before he said: “Idiot.”

He wasn’t a good boy at all.

He was quite good at acting.

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New auroraRMC rated it
July 16, 2024
Status: Completed
If you're looking for something like I can do it, this is basically it. A pretty standard esports BL.

When can we get a shou that is less thin skinned and shy around the ML? If people have recommendations, please do let me know. It's so painful to read sometimes, especially in this case where there's second hand embarrassment galore as his successive personality traits or side accounts are revealed. I had to skip half of the side account reveal chapter bc I couldn't bear to see it. It's a real... more>> shame because I'm a fan of his original devilish personality and thought from the synopsis revealing his personality that he could be exposed and revert to his original personality pretty soon. Unfortunately I was disappointed.

Our ML finds out pretty quickly about his true personality, and when the MC turns 18 the ML even hints to him that he doesn't have to pretend and should just be himself. However, the MC insists on holding up the flimsy pretense of being obedient and shy, though I do think he is very shy naturally in front of his idol. To which I want to knock on his head and wish that he were more promising. Come on kid, be flamboyant and proud like you should be!!!

Glad that eventually all his disguises are stripped away and he's able to gradually expose his unruly nature. Love that his teammates, friends, and the family members on both sides are so nurturing and supportive. Very grateful for the ML and the ML's family for being so welcoming and becoming the MC's family to replace his lacking familial love from his childhood. Very sweet, even if everything felt like it took ages to get there. Still sad that we didn't get to see more of shameless MC. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Klimintina rated it
January 26, 2024
Status: Completed
The story mainly focuses on the emotional interaction between the MC and ML while along the way, playing the Esport game. There's not really much drama. There is a villain but not really so impactful and the MC's father is really shameless. He's not a good guy.

Thankfully, the MC met ML and he kinda became his light when he was shrouded with darkness. ML is like a walking greenflag as well as his family. They are really supportive and as well as MC's aunt Su ba, she's really good.

The esport... more>> game side is kinda not detailed enough to get hyped if you're really into esports genre, it might dismay you but if you're really so into it, it basically just like shows some details like how the game went and then boom, the result of the game. It didn't really took too much "screentime" on the novel.

There's no spicy but there are lots of interaction like ksses, hugs holding and they really did the deed but it wasn't really showed.

Overall, it was entertaining enough. If you're bored and just want some light-hearted read, then this is still good I guess since I did enjoy it. Give it a shot. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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