Don’t Ask Me Who Is Disco


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As a good-looking college student in the 1980s with a bright future, Disco had no worries other than the lack of money.
It wasn’t until he discovered that he was living in a book titled “Pink Tycoon: Love Can’t Escape From Me.”

In the book, the female lead is a future entertainment tycoon, and he is the short-lived white moonlight in the heroine’s memories!

Following the plot, Disco went to a newly emerging entertainment venue—a dance hall—recommended by a friend to work as a waiter. On his first day, near the chaotic dance floor, he encountered what seemed to be a breakup between the male and female leads.
The female lead uttered harsh words: “I dumped you, and I can easily find someone more famous than you!”
Then, as she turned around, she saw Disco standing there, looking handsome.
“What’s your name?”
“Di Ergou.” To avoid the fate of being the short-lived white moonlight, Disco gave himself a humble name.
“It’s a bit rustic, but there’s no dog I can’t make famous! Quit your job; I’ll promote you in the future!”
White moonlight should have been refused with dignity.
However, Disco readily agreed, “Just pay me.”
Afterward, he spent a summer by the female lead’s side and left when school started.

When interning at the department before graduation, Disco was invited by the leader to tutor the leader’s child in foreign languages. Upon entering the house, he found the female lead leisurely lounging on the sofa.
“Your name is Disco?”
“Yes.” Disco nodded nervously.
“Then you can twist it for a while first~”
A brief review of the VIP recommendation list:

Disco discovers that he’s living in a book, playing the role of the short-lived white moonlight of a future female tycoon. Struggling to change the plot, he fatefully becomes acquainted with and falls in love with the female lead, Yu Tong. With her support, Disco films in advertisements, releases records, and participates in singing competitions, unexpectedly becoming a translator with millions of record sales.
The writing style of this text is smooth, and the pace is brisk. Using humorous language and captivating plotlines, it describes the rise of the mainland entertainment industry and the twists and turns of the foreign trade industry in the mid-to-late 1980s. As the career and emotions progress layer by layer, the male and female leads grow together, achieving success in their respective fields and shining brightly.

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