Divine Talisman Grandmaster


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In this world, mastering runes is the key to becoming a cultivator. The ability to control these runes depends on the development of one’s Brain Domain. The more advanced the Brain Domain, the quicker and more precise the rune control, determining one’s potential as a cultivator.

He was a boy from the slums with slim chances of rising above his station. Despite knowing his limitations, he worked tirelessly, driven by his dream and gratitude towards a childhood friend who helped him secure a spot in a prestigious high school. However, with a less developed Brain Domain, his prospects for further education and becoming a cultivator were bleak. His hard work seemed in vain when, six months before the crucial entrance exam, the girl he cherished rejected him, claiming their worlds were too different for their paths to cross again.

But then, everything changed when he found himself engulfed in a mysterious ocean of golden runes!

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1 Review

Apr 11, 2024
Status: c22
Too few chapters to rate properly..

But one thing to note, if you not like cringeworthy lines ig this is not quite a fit for you...

Even normal conversation have that cringe vibe in it, maybe its just me idk, but really just casual normal talk could have one or two cringe lines that could put you off while reading.
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