Dirty Possession


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One day, I was drawn into a different world. All because I was incredibly good at a game!

“…So, all of this happened because of the Hall of Fame?”
“Yes, that’s right!”

Lee Soo-hyuk, who set a record that couldn’t be surpassed in the game ‘Seronis.’ This game was a shoddy imitation based on this world, and it turned out to be a trap that captured the souls of players who broke records.

There was only one way to return!

“If the mastermind of the kidnappings, the God of Chaos, is defeated.”
“So, you’re telling me to, uh, kill that god?”
“Yes! The possessors will be able to return to their original places!”
“What a mess…”

A true expert among experts!
Yuri, a possessor, stands against the fate of a messed-up possession!

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글러먹은 빙의
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Date Group Release
09/04/23 Another World TL c18 part1
09/03/23 Another World TL c17 part2
09/02/23 Another World TL c17 part1
09/01/23 Another World TL c16
08/31/23 Another World TL c15
08/30/23 Another World TL c14 part1
08/29/23 Another World TL c14 part2
08/28/23 Another World TL c13
08/27/23 Another World TL c12
08/26/23 Another World TL c11
08/25/23 Another World TL c10
08/25/23 Another World TL c9
08/25/23 Another World TL c8 part2
08/25/23 Another World TL c8 part1
08/25/23 Another World TL c7
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