Devil’s Son-in-Law


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Chen Rui, a gamer from earth, is reborn in a human body in another world, falling into the legendary, evil, brutal Demon Realm, inhabited by Devils called Mozu and where humans are treated as food. He has to survive while facing horrifying devils, poison dragons, and a variety of powerful enemies by using on a strange Super System chip and his wits, surrounded by the Devil’s beauties such as the black-bellied lolita princess, the iceberg queen, the violent scythe, and the charming succubus.

Wanting to live in the Devil’s world is hard! Wanting to live in the Devil’s world as a human is harder! Wanting a human to be the devil’s son-in-law is hardest!

Let us see how a small otaku uses his power and strategy step by step starting from an ordinary human to writing the legend as the devil’s greatest son-in-law.

Associated Names
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Chàng Rể Ma Giới
Devil's Husband
Ma Giới Đích Nữ Tế
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35 Reviews

Oct 22, 2017
Status: Completed

I've completed this novel and rewritten the whole review, my personal bias may affect the review so it might not attend to needs of everyone. Please, bear with it!

I can divide this novel into 2 big arcs, 1st one being demon world arc - where MC helps Sia gain the throne, 2nd being whole world arc - where MC adventures into other worlds and discover their possibilities. This divide happens somewhere around 600th chapter.

I would have given this novel

3 stars for the first big arc. But 1 star for the second big arc. Overall I would give this novel a 2.

DIFFERENCE? 1st big arc is more focused on politics, business and romantic aspect. 2nd big arc directly forego politics, business aspect,

it's selling points. It becomes a repeat of plot armor and lucky events, to the point it feels reading the first big arc was very useless.

Overall review:

Good points -

  • Politics -
    This novel did a very good job in political aspect in the first arc so I will consider this to be a good point in this novel, even though its foregone in second arc I will still consider this to be good.
  • Strategies -
    In first arc MC was weak, so he used various military strategies in order to win war, the war which happens for Sia to take over the throne was very exciting. Also political issues which comes after taking over the throne were good. A war which comes after a war also was a nice addition.
  • Plot -
    This novel uses a cliche plot but that doesn't make it bad, its very good just not very different. At least till first big arc I will take plot to be very good. After second big arc it turns into a bad point since everywhere there is a plot armor.

Bad points -

  • MC -
    Like usual chinese mc's his personality is a sucker. Well he admits without luck he isn't omnipotent but even so it doesnt make its taste good. He is a hypocrite, like he knows that a girl likes he will still rather not accept their love when he already had accepted love of over half a dozen females already. Most women would have to turn into half dead in order to prove their love for MC before he will be able to admit it that they love him and he loves them. Take Isabella for example, she turns half dead 2 times because mc's incompetence before he was able to admit that she likes him. He is very afraid of cracks in crystal harem and without his first wife ATHENA he won't able to manage his harem in a world where harem is ever pervasive. It just feels to dull and gives sour vibes. He relies heavily on luck, like literally everything he does is based on luck factor without it, he can't a single thing. Like love of female he keeps denying negative part of himself which pushes over 100 chapters making it give a feel of filler chapters which is really annoying. He couldn't come up with terms with past of the body he took over for like 700 chapters. I mean seriously if you take over a body you at least have to repay him with getting rid of his regrets right? But he just kept running away from all that like a coward.
  • Harem -
    This might be me looking too much into it and might be my personal bias but as I talked about in mc's personality, he just keeps denying women, in end he's supposed to have like 11 women but besides 6-7 he's running away from the rest. Some women like Belina who he fooled didnt get chance to be MC and show her love for MC and are literally forgotten. To me this harem isn't really a good one. It is heavily based upon benefits. How much benefits MC gives them and they fall for him...... I really can't bring myself to call this love. I don't even know how and when MC fall in love with Sia he did so much for her and she just keeps ordering him in return... Also keeps pushing his sister over him. I mean come on giving your sister happiness isnt duty of MC. He might like her as a lil sis but its not his respobility for him to do her husband and yet she keeps forcing MC to accept her. It took 1k chapter for Sia's lil sis from 1st ch to 1k chapter to get promise from MC. And waiting for like 5 years before she got promise from him.... I can accept that girl is in love with MC truly in love but mc's just running away like a coward instead of giving a clear answer.
  • Ending -
    To be honest, last 100 chapters were literally, I don't know what to say, really bad? Last fight with last boss that is Spiritual God was on 1200th chapter that is last chapter. It ended within half chapter with MC making a lucky break through. I don't even know how and why but it ended it was really disappointing ending. It's like doing anything and everything MC did till now was a waste. MC just realised that he was a creator and realised his powers just that in last chapter he realised just that and killed last boss. If he realized this in first chapter he could have ended then and there... It was really disappointing.
  • Romance -
    Athena he calls her his first love and he loves her the most yes I can accept it but after like 300 chapters her appearances and screen times are really less she disappears for like 100 chapter and talks like 1 chapter and disappears again. Most Female harem members suffer through same problem in later half of series. Interactions between them just keep getting fewer and fewer. One of his wife came in second half, Tiffany, her total screentime, might not even be more than 2 whole chapters, I mean the amount she talked can be covered within 6k words! So freaking less. Is this even a romance?

Overall -

This is a good novel in the first big half but second big half is totally meaningless and no fun to read at all. It's mostly about him getting harem and plot armor. It gets boring. Just read first arc is fun and quite good but whole series is definitely not worth it.

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May 16, 2017
Status: Completed
Highly recommended!

I read this novel translated in my language (Vietnamese), and it was very good. The main character is a good guy who willing to sacrifice for his friend, beloved one and always want to use his power and knowledge to help people.

You will find that most of the time, he escaped from bad situations not by how his skill are broken (well, a bit :3) but by how he knew about his enemies, his plan and the help from others. At first he just want to survive, then he... more>> has his family, make a better world and to protect it, he must be strong. Prepare to put himself at risks, with a well planed thought and for the sake of other, that what I love about him.

The other characters, the relationships, the RPG like world with races, skill, item, jobs, hidden quest,... are very exciting and well developed.

Again, highly recommended! (Sorry for my english skill :P)


He is so badass when he is not himself LOL. And prepare for his harem and romance, after all, he is "Devil's son-in-law"

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Mar 05, 2019
Status: c400
I had high hopes for this novel.

At the start of this novel, there were things which were amazing. As the MC was weak he used his brain and wits to overcome his foes. He scheme against them and then make them fight each other.

The MC got a system which is good, if not the best. It is your usual training grounds and exchange center where he can exchange potions.

The romance and the side character development is good and we get to see him spending time with his harem members, some... more>> sweet moments where you will go like awww..

But that is all.

Now lets come to things that are wrong in this novel.

With a scheming MC you would think that he may outsmart his enemies, but every time he is in grave danger, he is saved by the fuking plot armor. EVERY SINGLE DAMN TIME.

He picks fight against opponents that are way higher in cultivation than him for no reason at all.
Instead of cultivating quietly and becoming strong, he goes out and tries to fight people 2-3 realm higher than him. And just when he is about to die, BAM someone comes and save him.

When I read a system novel, I want the MC to become OP as fuk. If he is still stuck in lower realm even after op system and someone needs to save his ass every time, then it becomes a generic novel. I might as well read other novels instead of a system novel if I want to see the MC stuck in the same realm for too long.

If you read system novels, you will know that the MC there becomes OP pretty soon, like strongest system.

But in this novel, MC is always an underdog, surviving on the mercy of his enemies. You never feels like he is someone strong enough to control his own destiny.

This leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Although I like harem, I only like when its done properly. Where every character has its own personality and isn't forgotten after banging once.

Even though I loved this novel at start, it soon became apparent that the novel wont be any good., <<less
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Oct 20, 2017
Status: Completed
Highly recommended too since I also read it all in Vietnamese and it is one of the best web Chinese novel I have ever read and the first one that I re-read more than 3 time. 3 thing I like about this:

-The heroins are while not 100% individualistic, all have their own unique trait that make them differ from each other. They also only fall after the MC go through great length to open their heart and resolve their problem, not just fall for him after he shows off his... more>> strength and resourcefulness.

-The MC accepts the dark part of both humanity and himself, smart but not omnipotent (in the sense that there is other people out there that can outsmart him, not that the world is all s*upid except himself), know when to fight and is decisive but also know when to hold back and forgive.

-The world isn't all just good or evil, most of them is just matcher (do something for them and they will return the favor, harm them and they will give you hell). There is no racist (all race is equal as long as they prove their worth), no sexist (woman can be even smarter and stronger than men), no real world hatred mixed in (Other country is XXX, YYY). Even some antagonists are people worthy of respect if you read the whole story.

To skyleven7 (sorry I tried searching for a discussion page but didn't find one so I will post it here. I post it because I really consider your opinion and the novel is one of the few chinese web novel I like, not that I hate you) :

-Harem: He loves Athena the most because she loved him while he was still weak and once sacrificed her life for him (other loves him after he saved them which is great but I think love is more like both side receive something from each other, not one side give and other side take). She is also the one with highest wife power IMO. She is seen weak later on but it is because of her race and age so you really can't expect her to grow at the same pace as our MC. Just think of it like cheap weapon that helps you early game, it may become weak later but without it, you will be dead early game so you can't call it useless. She helps him in his early stage which is more than enough. It is also impossible to make true love in harem story since true love = longing for 1 person only.

-MC: He is opportunistic but it is simply because if he isn't, he should be dead. And he is only an otaku that maybe a little smarter and more independent than normal people, not some absolute genius that can predict the future. Asking him to create the flow is just setting the bar too high. Being able to catch the opportunity is already good enough since most people can't even do so.

-System: Yeah, it is but that is pretty normal since the setting in the beginning is just too hard (drop to demon world without family or friend). The good thing is that you will see that in later chapter that while MC is strong, he is only able to defeat the true boss by combing his and other people strength, not 1 man army.

-His power level is different than other since other is more game like: increase level -> new title-> new power. While he is more like state changing like Xinxia: Body-> mind-> understanding one self -> Understand the world ->Control the world.....

I don't deny what you say since different people different mind. I only want to give my opinion which may clear some of your doubt.

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Oct 07, 2017
Status: --
This is one of those stories that is a precious gem, that surprises you with an very interesting world and story. There are so obvious troupes, but they only help create an interesting character base of interactions. Would recommend. (Based on raw).

Hoping for a good English TL.
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Mar 21, 2020
Status: c180
After finishing up until to the latest translation, I found the answer for this web novel, reading this WN Is equivalent to nothing, what do I mean nothing?

Okay here’s the thing.

First If you are looking for action, then this novel Is not for you why?

... more>> The writer create a so-called ”System” turns to ’Super weak system’ why did I name it super weak system?

No matter how hard the MC grind his ass to death by using this so-called ”System” he was still weak as f*ck, even mob from the story was above the MC, he couldn’t even win without being half-dead or nearly died moment, Only means, no matter how strong the MC became on the surface, Inside the writers brain cuz he is so dumb as hell, was still weak even mob character can wimp MC ASS.

Romance, Is you are here for the sake of romance please find another WN, this guy never knew romance at all, same goes to the creator of the wn.

MC is a super-beta MC that you can find In any JP novel, well In this story It was a combination of Super Beta JP MC+ Super Generic CN MC = MC of this shitte WN.

Harem hasn’t started at yet here at c-180 but some say It turns from disgusting to worst. Basically 90% of common CN wn problem will be putted inside the story... Can you Image that...

That’s all I could say from the Ch 1 up until to Ch 180. <<less
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bored nobody
bored nobody
Nov 30, 2018
Status: Completed
Good read


A galactic/stellar type of system with 7 levels.

... more>> Influence building

First half of novel is basically influence building in demon world. (I.e he helps princess Sia to become empress, helps 3 empires in forming alliance and stuff)

Use of knowledge from past world

Its a little like miracle throne.

Later he creates game machine to gather faith.


decent harem but many good candidates were not acknowledged as harem member (that was a let down)


Great characterisation for some characters Characters with own opinions and objectives (I liked Catherine)

First half of novel was enjoyable but second half (human world) was little boring and ending seemed rushed.

But overall it was nice. <<less
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Oct 19, 2019
Status: c70
Actually a good read thus far. If you enjoy fighting + slight politics + harem that makes sense (rather than girls giving themselves for free), this will be a good pick.

The story started off with some tension where MC is in a fragile and dangerous state. Also, I love how the description of the story goes. It isn't boring at all. Rather than just the word beautiful, there is much more visual info to it. Even though it isn't really that Grammarly sophisticated, it is a smooth read.

One point that... more>> bothers me is that if the Author doesn't paragraph it slightly discontinuous in certain scenes, it is easier to imagine the story flow. <<less
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Jan 07, 2021
Status: c402
Good stuff! 5 stars because currently, the novel should have a better score according to NU standart

All in all, this novel is classic, a lot of tropes are being used, like many other novels, but it's used well here!

-MC have a system but it's not omnipotent, it helps MC train efficiently and guide him in the right path but it won't just give stuff to MC. It's also a silent system, no annoying system administrator that keeps talking and sucking MC's dick.

-There is a harem, but the execution of it... more>> is rather well done. It's not perfect, but so far each girl have their own personnalities and didn't fall for MC just by looking at him, which make this novel far superior than 99% harem novel. But, I still keep a healthy amount of doubts, because a lot of novel at the start have a good harem only to have girls in it turning very bland later on.

One thing that I appreciate about the novel is that MC's friends have actual use and might even be stronger than him, they also have their own life besides MC, and surprise surprise, turnout that not every girl want MC's dick, leaving some women to mc's friends, unlike many harem novels.

Now, I have one thing that I really don't like about this novel, it's the fillers. They are way too many of them. MC goes to do one thing, but bam, midway you'll get an arc of 10-15 chapters. It might not be a problem to some people, but to me, when I'm looking forward to MC reuniting with some people but then get one of those arc happening, it just piss me off.

And one other thing, but it's not that bad, is I don't like reincarnation that hijack someone else body, it never bring anything interessing except some cringy drama already seen a thousand times. <<less
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Jun 25, 2020
Status: c1274
Its funny how there are some novels that have in name scheming, plotting or deceit while this novel has name as some romance or slice of life sh-t but is more about mentioned points than any other novels cause MC here is cautious and clever. Without beign the so called "low-profile" he hides himself deeper than MCs of all novels I have ever read (more than 100 for sure) so this novel is quite underrated or just unknown
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May 25, 2020
Status: c226
This book is about a Chinese otaku that gets transmigrated into another human body that is in the demon realm and is being used as a guinea pig for a poison that a potioneer is testing on. Then the book shows how the MC uses tricks, lies, and people so that he will not die a pathetic death. From then on it, the book shows us the path the MC is taking so that he can create his own destiny.

I think this was a really good book to read, at... more>> the beginning of the book I thought it was going in the direction of slice of life-based off the encounters and situations the MC gets into. But around c60 or somewhere there the book starts to get a lot more serious, and the MC is trying to get stronger.

Honestly, I like this book a lot for its' direction that the romance takes and also the cunning tricks that the MC uses to get through tough situations. Basically it is about the MC struggling to be able to protect himself and loved ones, and some other side stories here and there.

I highly recommend trying to read the first 100 chapters before criticizing it (like some other reviewers) and if it isn't your type of book then it's not.


First time writing an actual review, I just thought this book was underrated and needed some love. <<less
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Mar 15, 2020
Status: Completed
  1. Ya ya.. GOOD ONE........... Isekai, haerm, mix of eastern and western fantasy.. A fun ride.. (Alice- the best girl), it is best novel till sia gets the throne, Only things I hate

    -rejecting loli just because she is loli (note: she is even a legal loli)

    - 3 damn angel are fooking irritating, and also that prophecy guy.. Its damn irritating when everything goes according to someone's deduction..

    - if he is going in harem route continue with that route, in latter half suddenly putting break on every potiential girl he met..


    - he helps friends to Gather sources, then they will use sources to kill mc's beloved...

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Nov 25, 2020
Status: c700

Every once in a while a rare novel appears that goes beyond all expectations. Devil's Son in Law is one of those novels. From the very start, it draws you into the magical Demon Realm, bustling with well-developed characters and settings, with many elements from isekai, xuanhuan, and classical Eastern and Western literature blended in. Whether it is Greek Mythology, the Journey to the West, One Piece Devil Fruits, vampires or zombies, this novel has it all. Even the side characters' relationships are deeply developed making for a 3D story that is entertaining through hundreds of enjoyable chapters.

The MC is one of the most clever and original ones out there, outwitting his opponents again and again with his Super System and camouflage superpowers. The romance is excellent, there when you need it, and given from the start. The romance scenes are written out in full and are very erotic, edgy, and ecchi, which is exactly what I wanted out of such a novel.

But one of things I love most about the novel is the level of detail on conversations between characters as well as thought processes. Dialogue is surprisingly realistic, and the tactical calculations are very well thought out, like when Charles makes a business deal with Josh and Obsidian, or when the MC disguises himself as various characters to uproot Leia Town or the Custer Family. These were epic genius moments that attest to how OP the MC gets over the course of the novel.

Details on the character development is top notch too. Each character has their own story, whether it is the heart-throbbing romance between Royce and Vasasha, the touching story of Kia and Freya, or even the tragic story of Naliyi and Kander Carsely.

I have recently gotten to the part when Catherine has the MC's daughter Duoduo, and I am impressed by how much her character has developed from when she went under the alias Christina and had a "special moment" in the tent at Silent Night to when they meet again at the Dark Shadow Empire and Crystal Valley to when they finally take their romance further and have a phoenix child. These kinds of arcs of characters gradually opening up and revealing their true passion and strength are one of the great features of this classic story, and I cannot wait to finish it.

The influence of Devil's Son in Law runs deep in xuanhuan novels. Written 10 years ago, the fact that people keep returning to this epic classic attests to its enduring influence. For me, Devil's Son in Law will always be one of the top 3 most important and influential xuanhuan novels I have read in my life.

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Potato Tomo
Potato Tomo
Jun 04, 2020
Status: --
The scenarios are playing like an elementary skit. It is amusing, somewhat interesting. But the targeted audience is too low for me to fully enjoy the novel.

The translation are kinda iffy. It's just a few words that I'm having doubt about if it's that what it really is. If its accurate then that's just how low the skill of the author in creating the setting. Tell me, how can you suplex a centaur?
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Jul 30, 2021
Status: c590
Better than most isekai tr*sh out there.

Story is decent. Setups are o.k. but suspending disbelief is difficult. Setup is very shonen-y except you don't get any satisfaction, e.g.:

  1. Story obviously indicates its a trap or pitfall sequence.
2. MC fails to realize its a trap even though in some cases he says "ITS A TRAP" before it happens

... more>> 3. A bunch of people die

4. MC swears he will get stronger and it will never happen again.

5. Repeat. (With bunch of people dying again)

MC is quite ret*rded, and youll only get power progression from this and no actual age progression/maturity growth.

Writing is okay. Suffers from redundancy and breaking the occasional 4th wall when the author suffers brain damage. 25-50% of chapters after 100 are just recapping or repeating itself. This seems to be a common trend in Chinese WNs. Lore and power scaling can be inconsistent... author can't even keep track of it.

Story eventually becomes 90% telling or descriptions because author can't write dialogue exchanges worth a damn. The third party omniscience perspectives on character thoughts add next to nothing to the story. This is probably why the story is not enjoyable at all.

Author can't write good action scenes worth a damn. They're generally acceptable at the very least but nowhere near good.

Romance is above average for isekai if youre into that. The s*x scenes are definitely R-15, so don't come here looking for smut.

Has a lot of "im 14 and this is deep" / chuuni moments where the author showcases their amateurism. Not as bad as a lot of other isekai.

Would rate 4* because it is very readable and addicting, but it's not very enjoyable so I lowered it. <<less
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May 07, 2018
Status: Completed
This was actually a good read.. Although I think many will complain about the MC but personally I like the MC since although he's somewhat of a hypocrite at times it also shows the he is still human & not some super perfect MC that can accept all & do all.

Regarding the harem & romance, there are pros & cons well if you've read a lot of CN novels it's the usual problems like the early harem members can't level up as fast as MC so there they usually get... more>> left behind, well at least the MC is loyal (?) enough to come back to main heroine every time he finishes his work.

The story really won't bore you until around 1000+ chapters as around nearing the end it felt kind of rushed or forced maybe the transition was just not good, although it went downhill in my opinion it's just 4.5 going down to 3.5 not much, I don't remember what chapter it started but it was when

gate between human world & demon world opened

after that the pacing was destroyed.

As for the luck of MC, well his cheat is a system, do you even need an explanation for him being OP? Well its not like it was always smooth sailing for MC even with his system with the virus 'Asura' coming into his system, limit on usage on most of his skills (only until Devil Emperor?), always having task that have a time limit, etc.

Of course I won't deny some bad parts as well like forgotten plot, less screen time for early characters, rushed ending, MC's super luck (well is there any CN reincarnated novels where MC doesn't have god-blessed luck?).

Well overall this is still a good read, at least enough to not quit halfway through the story. <<less
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Oct 15, 2017
Status: c600

World building is not bad but MC has very strong plot armor. Never ever struggled for anything and even he is ex otaku he knew military tactics science etc. I dont recommend to who want original story in other words MCs life is eaisest mode no struggle, one word fall womens and goals



system is toooooo almighty if I have to summarize this novel MC has system get girls first sight get treasure first known otaku but know everything super genius etc etc


read this novel if u dont have anything to do

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Feb 24, 2021
Status: c415
Oh boy, this novel has flaws as deep as the ocean, and it still is one of the best novels I have read.

The author has a perfect sense of timing, chapeau! One plot follows the next, the MC always has stuff to do, it never feels boring. There are amazing cliffs everywhere, and I always feel compelled to read "just one more development".

The world is rich and vibrant, the characters are breathing and alive, there is depth in interaction, there are deep schemes, the enemies actually use their brain,...

The harem... more>> actually involves s*x (and not just one beta-otaku holding hands with twelve different girls for 1000 chapters), the girls are not just vases,...

The companionship is awesome, there are all sorts of characters. I especially like the quirky dragons and how they all share the same greed-trait.


  • The author sacrifices details for velocity
    • The MC never gave the hell-hound its bone : (
    • Why does the MC need a mare to ride?
    • Why do we need Dodo?
    • Why is the EXP always either 0% or 100%?
    • What happened to aura and star value?
      • Why do end-level skills need a mere thousand aura when the MC is already in the millions?
    • What happened to the potions? What happened to the imp servant?
  • The dialogues are often kindergarten-level simple, with the BBB explaining their schemes
  • The system is broken
    • Having the MC be able to disguise as everyone else kinda makes scheming easy, doesn't it?
      • But the system was intended to be broken, so I guess this is ok?
  • The fights are boring - SKIP!
  • The "having aphrodisiac s*x with the best lady" trope is old. Poor Catharina.
  • The MC is a hypocrite
    • Why does he not take revenge on the potion master that tortured him?
  • Why do demons suddenly have "human" morals? What is up with the "honor over everything" when everyone is a deep schemer?
    • Why does Athena suddenly become a morale apostle?
  • Does the world really need to be a rip-off of Warcraft?
  • Random Chinese nationalism
    • Uighurs are thieves
    • Complaining about theft of intellectual property. Lol.
  • The TL is confused
    • If someone gets assassinated, they are dead. It should be called "assassination attempt".
    • It should be "Pride royal family", not "arrogant royal family". Pride comes from the seven sins.
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Emissary Nouvelle
Emissary Nou
Dec 22, 2020
Status: c341
It's really hard to see a good novel go down the drain. As a polygamy fanatic myself it's really scarce to find an acceptable polygamy novel. Most of them have several piss points I have to ignore but I have to complain about this one ahem.

WHAT THE ACTUAL ABCDE FFFFFFFF!!!!!! What the F is the authors problem.

Sure great novel but he mixes piss in. Who the f u k is Roman and delia those two cu nnt s. They are not good friends at all. All they do is cause... more>> the MC. More problems.

Athena was good before she causes all sorts of trouble due to her s*upidity at first it was ok but after all the MC has done for her she still has the nerve!!!ugh

The little loli can be tolerated if you ignore that he would be long dead because she fed him poison with his so called master. How do you get along with people like that.

And does he has a pokemon fetish. Why the he'll is he turning every enemy into an ally.

But most of all, my major problem is. HE TAKES TOO MANY RISKS FOR NO REASON AT ALL.

He becomes a spy several times brushing against many people who are way stronger than him. Without plot all his spy endeavors would end with him dead. And he doesn't have a strong valid reason to risk his life like that soooo Manny times. I sense it's about to be a trope hence my review.

But seriously man, why is it so hard to find a decent novel with only a few flaws that occur once every few chapters instead of flaws that stay throughout the novel as they are 'characters' and personality deficiency <<less
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Nov 22, 2020
Status: c415
5-star: So far, it's really good. Characters will good development along the plot and good development in the MC strength or cultivation or evolution, the romance is slow-burn for some characters like Athena. The only thing I hope is MC Strength progress is even faster.

4-star: It's getting boring with all the other stuff. There are a lot of story fillers which include politics and all. I skip a lot of chapters cause of them

3-star: ... more>>

Ok so the ML is a fkin ret*rd. A lesbian gets added into the harem and she often teases and kisses the other FL's and what does the ML do.... Absolutely frikin nothing.. Like dude at least get angry. She's literally cuckblocking you... And the plot goes down as the chapters go on. It was fine at the start but it is so boring from the 400s.


The only good thing about this novels are some of the Female characters have a personality, but it doesn't last long. And he's too reliant on the system. If the system vanishes then he's doomed. <<less
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