Destroying the Virgin-the Making of a Saint-


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There was a man… named “Takagi Ryo” who was hideous both externally and internally. No light shone in his life. Throughout his life, he was mistreated and abused by women in particular, leading to a warped image of the kind of woman he desired, which drove him even further into madness.

In the midst of all this, Takagi encountered “Fukiyama Akane,” who was gifted with both intelligence and beauty, and she was a “virg*n mary”. Amidst the excitement and frenzy he had never experienced in his life, he made a resolution based on his distorted and insane thoughts.

『I must perpetually preserve the existence of her beauty. The responsibility lies with me. To achieve this, I thought about what kind of treatment I needed to administer to her. After studying medical science at university, I arrived at a conclusion. To preserve her beauty eternally, it would be an impossibility in this hideous, fragile, flesh-and-blood state. Her limbs, which deny me, her foul, reddish-black organs, and her muddy flesh and blood are all unnecessary to her. In order to preserve her existence for all eternity, I made her into a “living doll”.』

The current Akane is imperfect. The present… Akane’s flesh and spirit will all be destroyed, and a new, flawless Akane will be created.

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処女壊体-the making of a saint-
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