Descendants of This World


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Kim Soo-hyun dedicated his life to serving his country in the special forces.

All the country threw back at him was cold betrayal.

“Now, I will live only for myself!”

This time, he’s not a veteran soldier but a mercenary.

“Rookie, do you understand what this is all about?”

Soo-hyun’s new life begins as he returns to the past!

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이계의 후예
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Quite enjoying it. The character feels great in terms of wit and capacity. Still early to tell, but a great fit for my taste.

The setting is another world via gate fantasy and we're long into a world where we're going in diving for resources.

Sort of a spaceship-less Avatar sort of setting although I haven't seen any blue alien cat people hah! Well its a fun run so far 10 chapters is too short to make a call!
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