Demon Lord Heiress’s Executor ~ The Incompetent Hero Banished to the Demon Lord’s Kingdom, Unrivaled with Hidden God Given Skills ~


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Ryuto, Summoned to Another World as a Hero, is Somehow Branded ‘Powerless’ and Exiled to Demon Territory. With no techniques or purpose to survive on his own, he encounters in the forest the culmination of such despair…

“Come to the Demon King’s Castle! If you’re looking for a reason to live, I’ll give it to you!”

It’s Lulunoa, the daughter of a targeted Demon King!

By her decree, Ryuto is brought into the Demon King’s domain as Lulunoa’s attendant. And with this fateful encounter, his hidden God-Given Skill, ‘The Hanged Man’, starts to grow into a tremendous power that shakes the continent—!?

As commanded by the Demon Lord Heiress, can the former hero rise to become the strongest in the Demon Kingdom?! The grand unrivaled fantasy begins!

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Maou Reijou no Shikousha – Isekai Shitsuji wa Ouse no Mama ni
魔王令嬢の執行者 ~魔王国に追放された無能勇者、隠された天与スキルで無双する~
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05/24/24 Story Seedling v1c5 part4
05/21/24 Story Seedling v1c5 part3
05/17/24 Story Seedling v1c5 part2
05/14/24 Story Seedling v1c5 part1
05/10/24 Story Seedling v1c4. part5
05/07/24 Story Seedling v1c4. part4
05/03/24 Story Seedling v1c4. part3
04/30/24 Story Seedling v1c4. part2
04/26/24 Story Seedling v1c4. part1
04/23/24 Story Seedling v1c4 part30
04/19/24 Story Seedling v1c4 part29
04/16/24 Story Seedling v1c4 part28
04/12/24 Story Seedling v1c4 part27
04/05/24 Story Seedling v1c4 part25
04/02/24 Story Seedling v1c4 part24
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