Demon Lord and His Unknown Child With the Empress


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Ning Yechen used to be the Demon Lord. He singlehandedly took over the Demon Realm and attacked the Heavenly Realm. His name preceded him throughout the Six Realms. He got tired of fighting, so he quietly went into seclusion and became a happy hermit.

One night, an Empress from the Heavenly Realm fell into the Mortal Realm after someone drugged her with an aphrodisiac. She inadvertently fell into his room, and they made out. After the deed, the Empress quietly left. Just when he thought he would never see her again, she showed up in front of him ten years later, bringing a child, saying it was his daughter and demanding accountability from him! “She’s your daughter. You have to be responsible for us!” Ning Yechen was stunned!

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twdavis78 rated it
March 13, 2024
Status: v1c8
Initially, this story is enjoyable and fun. So much so that I found a native language source and used google translate to read further. Unfortunately, being a slice of life story for the most part, the story becomes tedious over time as all the misunderstandings and villains get wrap up. The story continues on but as a reader I could not generate the interest to continue on.
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