Deep Sleep


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Shou Xu Nuo wakes up one day to find a handsome and yandere man where his bed should be. As Xu Nuo tries to navigate life while being tossed around by this supernatural man, he discovers that something is not quite right. Who is this man and why does he seem so familiar? When he tries to remember just what it was he had forgotten, things go horribly wrong.

“My beloved, I will sleep by you. This is our love nest…and our grave.”

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A Dream Comes True (1)
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
05/22/22 Foxaholic c4 part2
03/25/22 Foxaholic c4 part1
02/10/22 Foxaholic c3 part2
02/10/22 Foxaholic c3 part1
02/02/22 Foxaholic c2
02/02/22 Foxaholic c1
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