Dead with Me


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In a world that went to ruin because of a zombie outbreak three years ago, Ha Yeonseung was surviving on his own in his small home in th mountains along with his only family member: his dog Dumpling. It was lonely, but at least he was alive in a peaceful and safe home.

But,  what should he do when his lover Lee Hogyu, who had died to save him from a horde of the zombies three years ago, shows up in front of him once again.

He was not dead, he was not alive either. And he seemed… to like him ?

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데드 윗 미
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
12/03/23 Foxaholic v4c1
12/03/23 Foxaholic v3c2
12/03/23 Foxaholic v3c1
05/31/23 Foxaholic c2 part4
04/02/23 Foxaholic c2 part3
03/27/23 Foxaholic c2 part2
03/27/23 Foxaholic c2 part1
03/22/23 Foxaholic c1 part3
03/20/23 Foxaholic c1 part2
03/20/23 Foxaholic c1 part1
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Minmin99 rated it
March 22, 2023
Status: c1 part3
Translator here, I picked this up cause it's a light (despite the dark settings ironically) chill read with a refreshing take on the zombie setting, that I enjoyed on my way to uni or after using my brain juices for too long! Also I really liked both the MC and the ML ;-; they're just two sweethearts and they just love each other soo much ;-;... Hmm obviously there isn't much plot, it doesn't focus much on the apocalypse or survival aspect but more on the two who had finally... more>> reunited after three year as a human and a zombie, their wounds, and how their relationship changes/develops ! Also this might not be for everyone since the ML is a zombie, and acts like one for some time (i just found him cute most of the time tbh but that might be just me haha) but I personally enjoyed it so I'll continue translating it for now <<less
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Iamdefinitelynotonincognitomode rated it
December 11, 2023
Status: c4
Let me attempt a review

It is a heart-rending story. The enotions were vividly described. I enjoyed Lew hogyum's pov. And of course the dog's pov was a plus. It has some graphic scenes but that gives the story depth.
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