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Li Yaoxiang had traveled to the world of Naruto for three years.

He made a half-assed wish to soar across All Heavens Myriad Realms at his birthday party as a joke, but God really gave him such a chance.

Let’s see how Li Yaoxiang completely darkening Naruto step by step!

Until the end, darkening the heavens and the world! Excavate the darkness in the light, bloom the light in the darkness!

Naruto said, “If this is Konoha that I am guarding… then I don’t care!”

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Narlzes rated it
October 6, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is not only have Naruto but also have Tokyo Ghoul and One-Piece arc. Although, I recommend reading only Naruto arc, extra chapter and the ending.

At first 10s chapter you might think protagonist become a system talking with naruto, but he actually transmigrate as a civilian living in konoha. Then he awaken blackening system that can split part of his consciousness one is take care of naruto and one is living low-key as civilian. The more blacken naruto become the more points he get, use to redeem abilities.

Later on,... more>> as his blackening progress, he can also talk with other people and take control of their body using points.

His Blackening method is quite subtle, rather directly kill those around neruto or order naruto to do something, he usually give naruto information in form of question, let naruto doubt then find the answer himself. He also deliberately leave some flaw with naruto that other can discover that he has problem.

He also use sasuke and sai to clear some un-stabilize factor the might affect naruto while keeping naruto in dark.

In the blackening process you will see the naruto first knowingly choose to suffer until he is slap with reality again and again.

At first protagonist just want to blacken naruto then travel to another world, but with his experience with naruto he sympathize with naruto that he help others, used by other that he even forgot his own childhood dream, also forgot his own happiness.

refer to child naruto only want to have home, family, friend. But after he become hokage he don't even have time for his family


He also found that naruto's personality is affect by asura's soul and blackening can separate naruto from it's effect. So in the first arc he blacken naruto for both himself and naruto. In this novel bond between him and naruto is very deep which even affect the ending.

story pace is quite fast for real naruto content, there is a lot of 1-3 month time skip.

ending of Naruto arc is quite forced but is satisfying for me, an extra chapter is also recommend for reading.

Tokyo ghoul and One-piece arc is different, protagonist did not have that deep affection for kaneki and luffy. It feel like blacken has higher priority then them.

as for the ending

after finish 3 world he travel to a lot of another world becoming so strong that he can traverse space and time without system. He did blacken some world but he no longer sympathize with that. It is describe that he do not know whether system blacken him or he blacken himself.

After some times he felt this his past is being change. He found that naruto after the end of Naruto arc, have living his life to the end, have been regressed (in extra chaper of Naruto arc), naruto only have a regret that he didn't share his fulfilling life with his brother (protagonist). Protagonist also feel that there is no one who is thinking of him for so very long that he forgot.

"unexpectedly in this world, there are still someone thinking about me"

Then he ask naruto to have an adventure in another world with him. Leaving part of him and naruto's soul to live in Naruto world, He and naruto depart.

He also take kaneki and luffy on adventure.

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Jhessky rated it
November 20, 2022
Status: c249
I read the naruto arc and a bit of tokyo ghoul arc. But I'm slightly offended by the ratings cuz it's too low for this masterpiece— this novel is REALLY GOOD, I'm telling u. I'm glad I read this novel because I started to realize the hidden conspiracies in the anime that were more or less mentioned in the orig. Story and was elaborated here.

I feel deceived by the fact that I thought naruto is all about friendship and loyalty to its nation but this novel told me otherwise. This... more>> novel made me realized how fvcked up naruto's situation was in konoha village, how those villagers treated him with disdain and those upper echelons treated him like tool to use for their own desires. How suspicious everything in the naruto anime was mentioned and explained here.

Even though the story deviated from the original, I can see this situation happening if naruto wasn't influence by asura, he wouldn't love this country so much to the point that he sacrificed and fight just for them. Tbh, I now feel disgusted with konoha villagers because of their hypocrite mindset. <<less
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Decarabia rated it
August 17, 2023
Status: c327
I've finished Naruto and Tokyo Ghoul arcs and this is a very nice story. If at one time you wished Naruto or Kaneki were less of a sunny idealist and more selfish, then this novel will satisfy you. That's pretty much about it.

I have no idea why this has such a low score. 17 people (thus far) rated the lowest possible 1, which puzzles me. This story follows the elements of original canon while filling the gaps with consistent logic, is well written and is paced nicely. MC tailors good... more>> plans in order to darken the protagonists, and his intersections with the characters are fairly interesting.

The only thing I felt was particularly strange was

how much the author stretched Danzo and Hiruzen's demise, and by what means. I understand that MC wanted to milk these two for darkening points, but at the last moment the excuse used to protect them was too much in line with Chinese culture and disregarded the original world. After everything Danzo did, he was cheeky enough to punish himself arbitrarily and force Tsunade to defend him through moral and legal means, because of his past achievements, and not to "chill" the hearts of older generations in favor of a promising younger generation. Yet conceptually, this is exactly what should be done by Konoha's moral code that started from Hashirama, to sacrifice for the nurturing of the newer generations. No matter how dumb people are, they aren't so blind as to be morally kidnapped by Danzo, of all people. If they can put themselves in the position of Danzo and feel "chilled", then much more easily they can place themselves in the position of Naruto and feel his mu*derous intent. By doing this, they're practically saying that the elders can bully the newer generation to death, and this would turn them generation resentful to the extreme.

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