Damn Family


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The torment was over.

I thought my ties to them had been severed by escaping from the place where nothing belonged to me.

Yet, the game I had started with the intention of seeing the ending to the bitter end, ended up dragging me into hell.

The hell of a house full of damn family.

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The Damn Family Is Back Again
빌어먹을 가족들이 다시 생겼다
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New loFiWaterCat rated it
May 31, 2024
Status: c10
What's the opposite of love? Apathy.

The main character is in a family that constantly mistreats him but after working long and hard, he finally saved enough to free himself and leave them. And then he wakes up in a game he was playing with the same shitty situation, and now he's determined to once again find his freedom.

MC really steals the show. The character he possessed was constantly blamed for things he didn't do, so the three sister's in the family always sabotage and blame him for things he never... more>> did. After the possession, he simply doesn't care about anything other than his goal, and although it seems like he is bowing his head and maturing, its just a consequence of his apathy, as he no longer seeks any validation or love from his family.

Anyways, if you love angst and a level-headed MC, then you'll like this novel. <<less
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