Conversations Between Two Childhood Friends That Seem Like They’re Dating but Aren’t Actually Dating but They Totally Look Like They’re Dating


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Toriyabe Ouka: Second year in high school, male. Average looks. Somewhat popular.

Hananoki Asuka: Second year in high school, female. Stunning looks. Super popular. Makes dirty jokes if it’s to Ouka

The two are next-door neighbours who have been friends since kindergarten.

“Hey, Ouka.”

“Yeah, Asuka?”

“Someone confessed to me today.”

“For real? Who?”

“Noda from the soccer club. The captain.”

“What kind of confession? Was he like, ‘sorry, I was actually the one who hid your shoes’?”

“How did you come up with that? It was a confession of love. He said he liked me.”

“Well if he likes you, wasn’t he just confessing the goodwill he feels towards you, not his love?”

“Stop nitpicking. I want to know what you think. Should I go out with him?”

“Do you like him?”

“Not really, and plus I’ve never even dated a guy before.”

“Then you shouldn’t. I heard he has a bad reputation too.”

“What did you hear about him?”

“… That he’s good looking.”

“And that’s a bad thing?

“Also I heard he’s good at soccer.”

“Now you’re just praising him.”


“So you don’t want me to date him?”

“… I don’t mind.”

“Okay, then I won’t date him.”

“… No, I just—”

“Boohoo, I wonder when you’ll be able to live without your dear childhood friend.”

“… And I wonder when you’ll stop coming to my room after school.”

“But we both know you’d be lonely without me.”

“Says you.”

… This is a novel made up of flirty conversations between two childhood friends who insist they’re not dating when they’re clearly dating.

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5 Reviews

Jan 17, 2021
Status: c58
Ok now I'm gurgling my laughter!

Their conversations are so funny and ridiculous... these two should just get a room and flirt there moreover the english title is so funny and I like it

The current translated chapters are only up to 3rd but the moment I read the 1st chap thinking I want some hilarious sh*t full of sugar... man it didn't disappoint me, enough to make me read the raws... and I'm glad I did, it was filled with hysterical, absurd but amusing conversations. They've been friends since they were... more>> little and man their dirty jokes are so...i don't know


there was this one scene where Asuka invited ouka to watch a movie... guess what? It wasn't romance nor horror movie... it was an anime movie meant for girls and classmates saw both of them and it was funny when they thought it was ouka's hobby for a second and they were envious

"I'm so envious"

"Hmm? Did you say something?"

"Nothing, or rather you promise you'd buy the tickets and watch my favorite movie with me"

"Ok since I lost the game... be prepared! I won't let you spend even a single penny (yen?) "

"Wow! You're so reliable I might fall in love with you!"

"Hmm, you can fall for me... but isn't your favorite movie a horror one?I'm not good with those"

"If you get scarred, you can hug me"

"So reliable, I might fall for you... but please stop, I'm also a man!"

"Well that's a shame"

This two are also a pair of boy and girl... it's funny cause their the same as the leads... look like their dating but actually not but they eventually dated... even though their scenes were only short, they look like they are their own leads in their respectful story


Recomend... although the two childhood friends that seem like their dating but aren't actually dating but they totally look like they're dating still aren't dating even in chapter 58, unfortunately <<less
16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 13, 2021
Status: c159
Love it, seems like it may have been dropped though. This is why I don't like to read uncompleted translations of things. Both of the MCs are ridiculously naive, especially the male MC, although later on in the raws the FMC almost catches up with him.

Edit: Caught up to the raws and it's still good, but unfortunately the raws, as well as the translation, haven't been updated in over 3 months. This might have been dropped by the original author, unfortunately.

Still worth reading, imo.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 26, 2021
Status: c39
A very lighthearted and cute series of interactions. It's the kind of back and forth you'd see in manga more often, but there is something to be said about how this format forces the reader to entirely focus on the conversation with literally nothing but dialogue to depict the context and the plot. I do hope that there will be a manga of it eventually, or possibly even one of these five-minute-episode animes.

I am assuming that this is easier to follow in Japanese due to how different personalities and tones... more>> are reflected in the language, but occasionally it can be tough to keep up with who is talking, particularly because Ouka has some feminine traits and Asuka some masculine ones.

I was originally going to give this four stars due to the barebones format and "lack" of plot, but it was quite entertaining and kept me reading it in one go.

It is worth mentioning that the translation is really good and even the puns that are replaced because they wouldn't work in English are sufficiently explained at the bottom of each chapter. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 26, 2021
Status: c39
It's pretty hard to read at first seeing that it's all conversations. But it really keeps you wanting more after some time of getting used to it. So much that I got to the most recent chapter in one sitting.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 30, 2023
Status: c56
They're CLEARLY dating.

In all seriousness though, good stuff. Chapters are relatively short, so it's a pretty light read. The way it's written in only dialogues is pretty interesting, and the character interactions are pretty funny.
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